Thursday, January 13, 2011

My 2010 in Photos

A little late, I would say, as it is already the second week into the new year, nearly the third week.
But Ima bloggin' slacker.
And now I feel like posting about my 2010 in the form of the most memorable photos I have.
Since I haven't been blogging consistently, nor have I been at it for very long, this seems to be the best way to convey how the year of twenty ten went.
BTW, there are many photos that seem just pointless to post, like the ones of just myself.
But I like me :)
And we should all like ourselves haha 

Ichigatsu (January)
I love the Japanese culture and I want to learn the language (hence the Ichigatsu).

These are NOT my photos.
Anyway, this month:
Mom went to jail; I took over mortgage and landlord responsibilities; attended my journalism, pottery, and math classes; and semi-managed to hold together a relationship (that I'm no longer in). No photos here as I think they were the LAST thing on my mind.

I rarely went to my classes, but I thoroughly enjoyed pottery. Something about getting clay stuck under my fingernails and creating something from the strength of my hands really resonates a feeling of serenity. 

Snow? In Tejas? You bet. I almost wrecked my car driving to work. TWICE.

Power went out, so we played candle-lit chess. I suck at chess.

V-day; first time seeing my little sisters in a long time. 

At the Hilton. Isn't that headband the cutest? R.I.P. headband, I miss you dearly.

Donated money to Falling Whistles && got a badass whistle necklace.
I guess I didn't take many photos in March...


My good pal Jesus Segovia on the cover of some school newsletter or something haha
See him here.

Some of his artwork on the walls at school.

needle point, I believe.

My bestie Adam-head. I miss him!

It looked so gross while it was healing.

Tat tat tatted up.

Studying at Panera. Math was the death of me, for sure.

Gr baby.

My Shy-shy :) I miss her.
She's actually my momma's dog, but she was my pup while momma was in jail.

First time singing at the House of Blues in Dallas, TX

"he who does not live in some degree for OTHERS hardly lives for himself"

Laptop, headphones, mic (not pictured), wine glass, much needed water bottle, & lyric book.

I's frustrated. We get nothing done.

Got side-swiped the day before, during a horrible storm, on my way to work and the door wouldn't open. FUN.

Prepping for photo shoot with Thunkphotography
Check out some of his work here.
Doing yoga at Lululemon's free weekly yoga class.

Funny thing: I was researching everything about Lululemon cuz I wanted a job there, so I took this picture and posted it as my phone wall-paper so I could remember it. I'm a dork. Oh, and I did NOT get the job.

When I didn't get the job I was confused, right? I mean, I know a lot about yoga, fitness, nutrition, sales, and I like people, so what was it that made them think 'Oh, she's not a good fit.' Well, needless to say, I've come to realize that when something doesn't happen, it's for a darn good reason. I was not suppose to work there; not at that time, not at that location. Shortly after not getting the job, I quit my job at the Hilton, and took off on a spontaneous road trip. Now I'm in Cali, where I AM suppose to be. 

Took Shy-shy to the doggie park. I love clouds!

Paid 90 something dollas for this wash&haircut&style, but it was like royal treatment at the salon. PSH. 

Gettin' my study on at Panera. My fave place to go.
Oh, and that would  be the yummy, Mediterranean Veggie Cafe sandwich, and hot tea, of course. 

We might've accomplished something this night.
Weee! I likey the way I look. Call me conceited.

I was pretending to be sullen, or maybe I really was. I think I was frustrated, with school perhaps?

Gaga concert.

I love this pic. Look at that badass tattoo!

Love her!

Reema's pool party.
Reema gettin' her sing on. She has such an amazing voice.

at Yosh's: wine glass, a mixer, a capo, lots of cords, a laptop, and a wine opener.
We probably didn't get much done that night.
love it

Goin' to Yosh's to work on some Musak.

Cutie kiddo Seiji. Love him! I do believe he took this of himself.

Watching Flesh for Fantasy, oh and basically needing a room since Yosh and I were mad PDA-ing it up.
Check out Reema and what she does here.

Big pimpin' right hurr.

Falling Whistles necklace && a new addition: a necklace Yosh gave me. It has a dragon on it. I like dragons :)

Bout to get my fitness on.

At my old place of work, the Hilton. This photo was for the Yosh.

goin to school. don't I look cool? ha

I sag my shorts/pants that I wear around my house, so my butt is always stickin' out haha
Oh, and I rarely straighten my hair, so I think that was the purpose of this photo. That, or I'm just super conceited. 

First webcam.

They make me look purdier. I think, anyway :)
Lake all day, then Glass Cactus that night.
The gang
Glass Cactus time where I got to see my fave homeboy, Jesus Segovia && I talked to the manager to get a job there, to no avail. 
I need to work on my job interviewing skills :)
His butt was all up in her face haha
Love this pic!

I had THREE of these bad boys :)
Pretty girls
Trying to capture the sunset. Major fail due to my sucky camera. Or maybe my camera skills?

Her and I took that onion ring tower down + yummy seafood quesadillas + martinis

I spent $20 on that drink in my hand. I'm not good at getting boys to buy me drinks. 

Conceited? Maybe. Self-conscious? Yes. Does it seem like it? No. :) 

Gettin' my bodyrock on.

Travis and Sarah

Birthday girl, Christine! At the Flying Saucer.

Sarah and Christine toasting with yummy brews.

So much for the birthday love :)

We were trying to make it look like I was eating her head...obviously it didn't work.

White out
Charlie's Angels

Momma came to support.

So did my bestie.
Isn't this picture awesome?

The amazing vocal instructor.

My boo pullin' on his ear && missin' me while he was in Cali and I was stuck in D-town. 

Daddy rollin' himself a fatty, burrito that is.

Oh! A cute kid burrito? Yes, please.

hahah my mom trying to fix my flat. Shortly after this photo was taken, that jack thing broke cuz we forgot to put
the e-brake on. durr.
Hi! Cool jacket, I like the colors. Bye!

Right before their Judo demonstration.

Them Judo bois grubbin' on that Japanese cuisine. I ate so much mochi that day!

I miss my bestie. At the Japanese festival in Dallas, TX
House of Blues

Watching Flesh for Fantasy

Singing at Sherlock's in Addison
Momma and I at the House of Blues on Halloween. I sang with Reema's band Flesh for Fantasy.

Ahh favorite pic ever! Love this kiddo.

I think I'm cute, I guess haha. I love these shorts.

Yosh says this to me all the time, and then my tea told me the same thing.

Yeah, he can play two guitars at once. No big deal.

See it for yo self here :)

Me showing one of the moms at the Judo class that the camera on my phone makes me look flashy :)

Them Judo bois.

Race for the mutha effin' cure, yo.

Loooove this stuff. No tanning beds for this red-head.


All my friends were Lady Gaga for Halloween. I think I was Lindsay Lohan or something.

I met Lil Wayne!! I love him (makes dreamy face)

Look closely at my mouth. I was making out with all the Gagas who were wearing black lipstick.
So wrong :)

mmm sexxxy

Flesh for Fantasy at Zbar


Yeah, we are hot.


View while jogging in Lake Elsinore

Just got my septum pierced. It's awesome.

We got crepes while we went shopping at the Japanese grocery store. We got a lot of yummy stuff that night, all of which we left in Dallas :(

The crepe maker at his craft :)

They were soo good!

Seiji taking a bite of the crepe.

getting ready to kick some butt in the gym

My favorite workout of all time: kickin' booty and punching things.

Waiting in the car?

I loooove this picture for some reason. And you can't tell, but the house behind us is HUGE and it belongs to the owner of the winery we were at.

The name of this place escapes me, but it was so frickin' cool and colorful (oh and check out my two dolla tip right thurr on a 6 dolla tab, don't worry, I tip).

the Shitters hahaha

the Shitters again. So cool!

The Delmar Loop in St Louis
"One of the 10 Great Streets in America"
Lots of cool restaurants and shopping and Nelly's star on the pavement.

At Cafe Libertalia in downtown San Diego. I was hungry and they had these cute heart-shaped, vegan cookies. I warmed it up and everything. Honestly, I wasn't all that good :) just cute.

These fellas hadn't seen each other in 6 or 8 years; I can't remember. Fun night!

"762 yo face"

Okay so quick story on this. I think I'm a badass cuz I can punch that thing and score a 762 (actually, that's exactly what that means) :) BUT before this night I couldn't get past a 706. The first time I got 706 (I was a little tipsy) and I kept telling the contenders that I was gunna "706 yo face", so now I can proudly say "762 yo face" hahaha

St Louis Arch and big pimpin' cuz pimpin' ain't easy ha

Cutest freakin' kid ever! I miss him so much.

Don't we complement each other ;)

Hiking gear, getting ready for our roadtrip.

See two posts ago for more photos from the month of Juichigatsu (November) 
when Yosh and I went on our road trip.

A view of the neighborhood while jogging.

In Hollywood at the Renaissance hotel eating Shabu Shabu. I love his papa. He took care of us that night. 

Christmas caroling 

Walking beneath the Oceanside pier.

This is the (almost) sunset photo taken from the Oceanside Pier. There were also tons of dolphins (and irritated fishermen), but it was such a beautiful day.

Is that a piece of macaroni? I dunno, but the Jimmy Kimmel Live studio is directly behind it.

Spidey was hangin' out on top of the trash can, told me to come to him, so I quickly took this photo and ran. 

This here theatre was in Rush Hour!! That's so cool :)

The mall attached to our hotel. I love elephants and I thought that the elephant statue was frickin' AWEsome.

me lookin' like a big dork, but there is the Hardrock of Hollywood somewhere behind me and the Kodak Theatre.

This was the view from the hotel room and that white building says 'Villa Bonita'- lahv it 

Hollywood hills are somewhere NW of that badass building, or church, I'm not sure.

Yosh is a master sushi connoisseur. This was so delish.

This was right after eating a wonderful homemade sashimi dinner and before a gig at O'Sullivan's.
Check out his music here

LOOK at this adorable baby!! I've told her mom I'm going to take her with me when Yosh and I move (mischievous grin).  

"Christmas time is here."

Chirstmas dinner numero uno at the Ciscenas.

The only picture we took at the second (all Japanese) Christmas dinner.. ha

It rained on and off for about two weeks, but it was beautiful.

Read it and weep: OXYTOCIN. Wha?Wha?

I've won barely a handful of times Yosh and I have played Scrabble. He always woops my butt, but I got 'em good on that word. I had X Y T O CI N  on my tray; that's SEVEN letters, so that equates to an additional 50 points on top of the points I get for the actual word. Yup, you can say I'm a little proud :)

Sad to say, there are no photos from NYE because things got a little TOO crazy.

So my twenty ten was pretty eventful, pretty memorable, pretty amazing and filled with so many people that I love. I can't wait to see what twenty eleven has in store!

Here's to another great year y'all :) (I'm still a Texas girl even though I wanna be a Cali girl).

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