Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This post was from yesterday (02/08/11).
i am sad. there is a hole in my TOMS. i need a new pair.

I love this pair because I love the color PINK and these are just too cute. 
When I first saw them they didn't have my size, so I kept checking back and eventually they didn't have them in stock at all, UNTIL a million (I could be exaggerating a little) people were insisting they bring the only pair of pink TOMS back. The public needs pink TOMS. :) 
So, they brought 'em back, and I was very, very happy.
I wish I could afford to buy TOMS in every color, but for now I can only get one new pair. 
What color should I get now??

So, yesterday (02/07/11), 
I decided to take part in Ange's 30-day (January) challenge. 
Day 1: Drink up!
Water, that is.
I would say drinking water isn't really all that hard for me to do since it IS my go to beverage of choice, but sometimes I don't drink enough of it. 
Two things I am suffering from right now are fatigue and dry skin (both of which occur from being dehydrated), so I will be monitoring my water intake in hopes of clearing these pesky things up.
This morning I started out with a cup of hot lemon water (my fave!) and a green smoothie filled with spinach && fruit && water. 

I also joined Daily Plate to track my food and water intake, just to be more mindful of what is REALLY going into my body ;) 

Today's challenge (02/08/11):
Eat Whole Foods___3 Meals & 2 Snacks___Shop Organic & Local
This is definitely a very important part of the challenge. I completely agree with Ange's placement of this task in the challenge.

*Become aware of what you are eating-eat food for nourishment & energy & sustainability.
*Food you eat should be working for you, not against you. 
*You should not feel tired or sluggish after a meal. 
*Balance meals-Carbs/Proteins/Fats @ every meal.
*Eating every 3 hours keeps your blood sugar stable, which increases your energy. 
*Local vs. organic? Buy local and thoroughly wash non-organic.

Did I successfully complete this challenge?
Well, let's see:
I started out with a green smoothie. 
I ate bell peppers and cucumbers with hummus, which was DELISH.
I felt good after eating these things and I felt like it was working for me not against me, and I did NOT feel tired or sluggish afterward. 
I did, however, go longer than 3 hours between breakfast, an intense yoga session, and lunch, so I ended up having a chocolate chip cookie at work. It was so yummy, although I don't think it's considered a whole food. 
I certainly don't regret it, but since I'm taking this challenge, I think I'm supposed to steer clear of the cookies.
Overall, I didn't stuff myself full of junk/processed food, although I was tempted to have more than one cookie, and I found a local farmers market to start shopping at, so I think I managed to do a pretty good job.

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