Sunday, October 2, 2011

Better Buzz Sunday :)

:we interrupt this blog post to announce a way for you to engage in some ear-gasm action:

I'd like for everyone to check out the new banner I have on my blog located 
to the rightabove my WILDyetZenful button
It's a banner link to Yosh's (my boyfriend's) Reverbnation music page. 
Please, take a moment to click on it, listen to some of his songs, become a fan, share it with your friends, then let me know what you think!

Now, on to Better Buzz Sunday...

I've been thinking of a theme to do for Sunday posts lately. I thought of doing Sunset Sundays; I'd spend the evening on the beach and take a cool photo with the sunset in the background. I also thought of Better Buzz Sundays since I've been going to this really awesome coffee shop by my condo called Better Buzz. Oh my, their coffee is so so soo good! :)

Then, my girl Sar over at [life of love] posted about a Starbucks Sunday link-up. Perfect timing since my idea was incomplete and her idea involves a Sunday where you take time out of your week to really appreciate yourself by doing something you enjoy, then sharing it with everyone through your blog.

I think I like the idea of doing both a Sunset Sunday and Starbucks Sunday (or Better Buzz!) weekly post. Stay tuned!

Starbucks/BetterBuzz Sunday

Check out the rules here && link up! 

Shon and I started our Sunday off by waking up wayyy too early (8:30AM, anyone?) considering I went to bed around 1AM stalking another blogger's Tattoo Tuesday archive posts.

[My oh my, do I really have an obsession with body art && boy am I really itching to get tat tat tatted up. I've been sitting on an idea for a (kind of) quarter sleeve to have done on my left arm; I really need to start researching local tattoo artists and getting a clearer idea of what I want. Oh, and saving up the dinero. Yeah, that's a pretty important part of the whole 'getting inked' process. Shon and I both are wanting to get a pretty big piece done, both of which are gunna cost us way more than we can afford at the moment.

Anyway, upon waking we decided to hit up Better Buzz coffee like we did last Sunday. 
I think this is something we're going to start doing every Sunday. 
It's a great way to get outside and get our walk on, 
&& to enjoy the beautiful SoCal weather first thing in the morning.

This morning it was already pretty warm out, foreshadowing an even warmer day to come. 
I'm not complaining by any means, but I'm ready for some cooler weather.

I ordered a Pumpkin Dirty Chai Tea Latte and a strawberry orange scone && Shonuff (this is his nickname at work; I think I'll use it here too :]) ordered the Best Drink Ever, which was not far off from being the truth.

After drinking mine far too quickly and demolishing the not so yummy scone, my tummy suffered from a sugar overdose. 
Maybe next Starbucks/Better Buzz Sunday I'll stick to just drinking a plain espresso drink :)

Now, we plan to watch football all day, as I stalk some new blogs I've come across this weekend. 
Hopefully, we'll make it out to the beach for the sunset later.
Link up with Sar and I; I'd love to read what others are doing to enjoy themselves on Sundays.

Hope everyone has a lovely, appreciative, and enjoyable day!

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