Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sticky Sweet

My dinner this lovely evening:
A wonderful idea reignited in me by my pal Chelsea;
we work together and she ate a lunch kinda like this one day.

simple & easy & filling

i like my egg:
not runny
not dry
but sticky

here's some nose piercing advice:
When biting into nectarines, or apples, said nose ring needs to be tucked into your nose, otherwise it kind of hurts.

oh, and a show of hands (or comments :]) if you love getting sticky nectarine juice on yo chin? 

I've decided to revert to a way of eating that I was once really passionate about; however, this time organic meats will be included, as well as organic eggs. I am referring to a time when I labeled myself a vegan eating chica. This time: No labels; just eating yummy nutritious and whole foods, as close to nature as possible, with a free day to have some of my most cherished eats.

something just occurred to me: i don't like cooking, so why not eat more raw meals, which goes hand in hand with eating as close to nature as possible?
yep. that sounds like a fab idea.

Anyway, hope you all had a wonderfully happy, exciting, invigorating day!


  1. That looks delicious!!!


  2. looks like a yummy meal. i need to eat more veggies!

  3. When I went to Puerto Rico a couple of years ago, for lunch my hosts went outside and picked some avocados, cut them up and sprinkled them with some olive oil, lime juice, salt & pepper. Was the most amazingly delicious lunch ever!

  4. @ meghan: Oh, it was :) Thanks for stopping by!

    @ TheLovelyHunter: Yeah it's not always easy getting veggies in, especially when sweets are much more fun! :)

    @ Silverfaerie: I will have to try that. It's so simple && so delicious!

  5. that looks very fresh :D

    I like my eggs like that too! But I never know how to tell the restaurant how to cook them for me.. It's kind of like Eggs Benedict / Over easy right?

  6. With eggs benedict, the egg is poached (where you crack the egg and cook the contents in water). Over easy is frying it. So, the way I like it is soft boiled; the egg is still intact and you boil it, just not as long as you would a hard boiled egg. It takes practice to get it just right :)

  7. this looks so yummy!! im in a nutritions class so i am learning all about these kind of healthy foods and i love it! im also a vegetarian so im always down for trying something new:)) you have a great blog though! i love it alot, keep it up girl!!:))