Tuesday, November 8, 2011

i love... && Weekend Recap

things that have put a genuine smile on my face; that made me think "Boy, do I love..."

simple meals.
red hot nails.
Naked Face Challenge ?
I promise my nails are red; this hot pink shirt throws it off :)
rainy days.
hot showers.

these are just a few things that I've been really fond of these past couple of days.

Here is an update on this past weekend in photos:

Shon made a substantial amount of sales at work this week, so we skipped the gym and headed over to Local Habit: known for organic food and a varied beer selection, oh and really cool wooden tables.
This was the (HUGE!) "water" bottle they brought out before
the meal hehe what a cute idea!

Shon and I had to work Saturday.
Well, I didn't really work...I got to spend time at the yoga studio.
 I took Reegan's class, then signed in some classes, and chatted it up with my girl Jenn.
Then got some pho with Shon (my ninja) && had a quiet night cuddled in bed.

yummy smoothie: PB, blueberries, banana, hempmilk
from Banjar
pho with my ninja
spicy, yummy goodness!

Better Buzz sunday
We ate breakfast at the best breakfast eatery in town (out of the only two we've been to :]).
Spent some money, shopping.
Hit up the beach.
Watched football.
I blogged and while reading this post, had the urge to go to Better Buzz coffee where I got a brown sugar, cinnamon, chai tea latte and a yummy pumpkin scone.

'Why is this woman always taking random pictures of me?!'

Not my usual choice: an egg & ham & cheese  everything bagel sandwich
took it apart and added some cream cheese
this was pretty delicious, plus I got a smoothie to get some fruit in there

chilly && captivating
my new jacket! (and a goofy pose :])
"I look like I'm ready to fly a fighter jet!"

Shon trying on his new jeans
The store we went to had a really awesome sale going on: buy one, get one on the clearance racks. I bought the jacket pictured above-sale price: $79-and I forced Shon to pick the free item. There was more to offer in the ladies' section, so he was pretty limited in his choices. These jeans were the only thing he could find in his size that piqued his interest. The funny thing: these are skinny jeans and he's been pretty much anti-skinny jeans since they made an appearance in men's fashion. He makes fun of any guy he sees wearing them. Well, now you got 'em babe. I think they're sexy, especially the dark blue hue, and they make his ass look even better than it already looks.

What do you think? Leave 'em or love 'em?

That was a bit of our weekend showcased in my favorite way: in the form of photos!

How was your weekend? 
How is your week going so far? 
I hope everyone is having a splendidly wonderful day!

Btw, Shon is turning 32 today! I know it's a little late to be asking, but I haven't planned anything to celebrate and now I really want to. I'm also not very good at birthdays; at planning them or giving gifts. So, if any of you have any cool ideas on what I could do for him or get him (that's relatively cheap), let me know!

Oh, and one more thing: I spent the majority of my blogging on Sunday writing my Sunday post for Silverfaeries & Dragonflies, which is why I am just now posting about my Better Buzz Sunday. You can check out the post by clicking on the tab above labeled Guest Posts.

Happy reading! And happy day!


  1. sweet! I'm sorry it took so much time for writing a post I have requested! :D awesome post btw.

    regarding Shon's b-day ... I'm probably late and I only have some naughty ideas popping in my mind anyway. :P my boyfriend is having birthday on Friday so I'm in a similar position. :) we're going to a cake shop to eat raw cakes. as a gift I have something handmade from one hippie shop and I think I'll make some sweets. I don't want to plan anything "organized" because every time I tried it was a disaster. :P but think I will "offer" something special I wouldn't on a regular basis. ;)

  2. That smoothie looks good and my goodness, you are stunning! Seriously, what a babe! :D

    xo, Samantha

  3. Masa: don't even sweat dollface. When it comes to writing stuff like that I put a lot of thought into and I rewrite until I think it's worthy of publishing. I really enjoy answering questions like that, so don't hesitate to keep 'em coming. And I couldn't help but giggle reading about the special offer you might suggest to your boyfriend; you're too cute haha

    Samantha: that smoothie was oh so good, so much so that I had to get another one today! And thanks for the sweetness my dear.