Thursday, November 17, 2011

i love...

This site freakin' rocks...I mean what's not to love about this:

Etsy is the world’s handmade marketplace.

Our mission is to empower people to change the way the global economy works. We see a world in which very-very small businesses have much-much more sway in shaping the economy, local living economies are thriving everywhere, and people value authorship and provenance as much as price and convenience. We are bringing heart to commerce and making the world more fair, more sustainable, and more fun.

here are a few of my favorite things from some lovely Etsy shops:

This ring is too cool!

These yoga pants:
This photo:
i love lighthouses
i love elephants! and necklaces :)
The above necklace is one of many of my favorites from this store called Ringostone.

this necklace (I'm a necklace fanatic!):
I have tons more favorites from this shop that made the above necklace.

I don't think this picture frame would look near as cool without the silver behind it, so I want the frame and the silver stuff haha

My favorites on Etsy are mostly: yoga apparel, jewelry, photos & paintings, TOMS, and coin purses and I really want to buy a coffee/tea mug from Etsy. Wanna get me a holiday gift? :)

hope you're having a lovely day!


  1. Love that frame!! It's hard to find cool ornate ones like that, I'm always keeping my eyes pealed at thrift stores!

  2. I have a shop on etsy. You should check it out.