Thursday, November 24, 2011

i want to dance

i don't care what kind of dancing it is, or where i am, or what i'll be wearing, but i want to dance.


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oh, and Happy Thanksgiving. 


  1. oh I miss dancing so much. how was your Thanksgiving? hope it was awesome. we actually don't have it in Europe. and yes, I drew those with a mouse. I prefer drawing with a pencil but I don't have a scanner and I got tired of asking others all the time. :)
    and regarding my comment system - apparently you can't subscribe to new replies unless you make an account. so maybe you didn't see all of my replies. oh well. :)

  2. Oh and now I've realized that I'm older than you. It surprised me tbh. :D I know age doesn't matter (or at least I think so since I've been dating younger guys :P) but I still identify people with their age somehow ...

  3. I so know that feeling!! Love the picture of the girl leaping in the air with the birds and I think that's a desert? I so want to be doing that right this second!!

    - Shauna

  4. :) I know it's quite lovely and so freeing!