Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm Back

I know, I know. You were really starting to miss me, so much so that you're panic attacks and anxiety were kicked into high gear. So, rest assured my dear friends, I am back and happy to be here. (Insert really big grin here.)

Warning: This may be a lengthy post...to make up for my lack of posting. We shall see.

a few interesting things to note:
*I've been working out at full force this past week with Shon as my PT (that's fitness lingo for personal trainer). Ever since I got us a gym membership where the yoga studio is, we've been going everyday, as opposed to never going.

*I have been glued to fashion blogs and fashion sites, such as Chictopia and Polyvore, perusing page after page of fashionable chicas and current trends. I envy these stylish ladies , but I am determined to make myself into a fashionista. The only thing is (and maybe this is just a lame excuse) I work at a yoga studio and at a cafe. I wear yoga pants & t-shirts and tennis shoes or flip-flops to both places. I really don't have a lot of places to be stylish at, so I feel like that is the biggest reason why I don't let my stylish self shine everyday. Although, I DO manage to look pretty darn good everyday ;].

*If you've never heard of, or been to, www.good.is, you are missing out on some pretty cool stuff. I subscribe to their e-mail newsletter, which is filled with really interesting articles on what's Good in the world today. From the site: "About Good: GOOD is a collaboration of individuals, businesses, and nonprofits pushing the world forward. Since 2006 we've been making a magazine, videos, and events for people who give a damn."  This is definitely up my alley. 

*I am really trying to commit to writing consistent posts for this blog, and I'm thinking I should have specific posts on certain days for each week. I think my first consistent post is going to be detox Sundays. 

detox Sunday = a day of leisure
or catching up: on chores, on errands, on sleep
or a day of appreciation: for myself, for others, for the life that I'm living
I'm going to engage in activities that I enjoy, or just lounge around the house in pursuit of some rest.
I'm also going to do some actual detoxing by having at least two liquid meals and one very nutritious meal, depending on the amount of indulgences I engaged in during the week. 
This is perfect for eliminating toxins from the body and for resetting the metabolism.

So, I know this is a little late, but here is a post about my detox Sunday, and my wee bit indulgent Saturday:

Indulgent Saturday 

started off with a big lunch & Negra 
Modelo at Chipotle...mm mmm.

Next stop: Peet's for a pumpkin flavored coffee beverage
(this is my awkward 'I don't know how to pose for pictures' face)

whip cream overload! and a petite lemon scone
and just a bite of a Sprinkles cupcake

Am I the only one who considers shopping indulgent?
BTW, I don't think I fit into a size 0 anymore...
"I think my butt's gettin' big!"

Dinner: caramel apple cupcake from Sprinkles and decaff tea.
Isn't the ghost cute? You can see his reflection in my coffe mug :)

If any of you were to buy me a better coffee/tea mug for Christmas, I wouldn't hate you for it.
My black one is very un-inspiring; I need something more uplifting, colorful, big.

Detox Sunday

20 minutes of Pilates

The Big Squeeze for a fruit smoothie while Shon ate a pancake breakfast from Jack in the Crack

danced around the house wearing my new teal pants

work meeting @ 12:30

Zanzibar Cafe for lunch; people watching by myself
hot tuna melt mmhm
back home for Sunday football with Shon

read fashion blogs all night and attempted to catch up on my magazine reading

That about sums up this past weekend: yoga, hang time with my ninja, and blogging. 

Another consistent post I was thinking about doing is one where I show my appreciation for the things going on in my life, or the people I come into contact with daily. I've seen some like these on other blogs, something like "happy lists" or "Thankful Thursdays". I'm thinking of titling mine "I love...". I find myself using the word 'love' often, and I find myself really enjoying the moment and saying, "Man, do I love [blank]!" 

I also write a post for my aunt's blog every Sunday. It's usually a post about living a healthy lifestyle (healthy encompassing everything); you can check them out here.

Happy Wednesday loves! 
I hope your week is filled with whatever makes you say, 
"Man, do I love [blank]!"

Today, I love my bed :)

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