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Yosh started his musical journey in the early 90's out of the St. Louis area as part of a duo. 

They composed their first works, "Flying High", and things started to catch wind. 

They were signed with a local record company, and completed their second album "Fly or Die". 

Soon after their release their relationship with the record company fell apart and shortly after that, so did the relationship between the duo. 

Yosh relocated to the Dallas area where he continued to write, and released his first solo album, "What I really want". He struggled to get the proper exposure due to family obligations. He then decided to take a long hiatus from music. Yosh found himself a bit of a wandering generality. He then put music on the side, and dove deep into his family and to his 9 to 5. Everything happens for a reason as the birth of his son came in June of 2007. 

Soon after the birth of his son an epiphony struck Yosh: He realized that his place was in music. He began experimenting with his guitar, inspired by acquaintances he's been fortunate enough to share stages with. He was unsatisfied with just the norm and started to be a student of the guitar again. 

In mid 2010 he began a collaboration project with a female vocalist from Dallas, TX, which re-ignited a subdued flame in Yosh. He found himself writing and composing, and the foundation of his 4th and upcoming album was birthed, "Back to good". Since then him, his music, and the woman who inspired it all have relocated to San Diego in the beginning of 2011 to pursue the hopeful recognition of what Yosh considers to be his best work yet. 

"Back to good is exactly what the title says it is. This is my journey of finding myself again as an artist, singer, songwriter, and more so my journey of finding myself again. I'm more proud of this music because behind it all is honesty, and truth. It is me in a way I have never shown to my fans before. I'm often asked by my fans just where do I find my inspiration, or what influences me to write the way I do. Well all I can say is that everything that I come into contact w/ on a daily basis influences me in one way, shape, or form by effecting at least one thing in my life whether it is good, bad, or indifferent. Some are just rearrangements of the alphabet in poetic patterns, some are just things that I feel I have to or I need to say, sometimes I have no clue what i'm trying to say, & sometimes I'm just under the influence & that's all the influence needed. I'm the epitome of yen & yang. Optimistically Pessimistic. The good... the bad... it seems that I can't have one without the other. I find myself drawn to the tragedy that life can be just as much, or sometimes even more, than being drawn to the calm that life can be. This is my blessing... This is my curse" --Yosh

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