Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rainy Day Wednesday

I think I have my days mixed up. 
I woke up before my alarm, cleaned the kitchen a bit, made some Matcha, and now I'm writing this post. However, it is raining. 

Yesterday, I was very unmotivated; no workout, read a book, stayed in my PJs, ate A LOT, watched TV (which I never do), and played Scrabble. Activities you save for rainy days, I say. It was clear skies and sunny. I kept urging myself to go for a run, or take my guitar to the beach, but NOOOO, I just couldn't muster up the energy, or the will. I did, however, manage to eat brunch on the patio with my boyfriend. 
shadows=shining sun

Brunch (pictured here) was an idea I got from this pretty lady and it's called, Savory Egg Oats. It was so yummy! My boyfriend said it tasted like biscuits and gravy, sans the biscuits. While growing up, his mother would make a lavish breakfast filled with biscuits, gravy, sausage, and eggs 'anyway you want 'em' every Sunday, and I really want to recreate that for him. We shall see. 

While I'm on the subject of food...I'm still struggling with my diet. I can't seem to find a balance. I felt as though I was going in the right direction, but I'm still not satisfied with my body. This dissatisfaction causes me to look to my diet as the perpetrator. I then work out harder and seek an entirely new way of eating, completely obliterating any progress made. 

I tried eating a vegan diet, which has been amazing, but then I hear one thing from some one who says, 'Eating that way isn't any better than eating this way: [insert babble, facts, proof].' Then it gets me thinking, 'Maybe I'm doing the wrong thing.' So, I begin a frantic search for THE thing that'll work perfectly for ME. This leads me to the position I'm in now: flustered, confused, lost. 

I think what I'll do first is stop calling myself vegan. 
No more labels. 
Then, I will stop reading so many books/blogs/articles on what diet is THE right diet. 
I will decide what is right for me.
Lastly, I will attempt to have a balanced relationship with food.
No more binge eating or obsessing. 

Starting today I am going to include mostly fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts and nut butters (sparingly, if at all since they are my weakness), and fish in my diet. Also, I will drink wine and eat chocolate if cravings ensue. 

Maybe this blog can assist me in my progress and I can one day overcome my obsessive behavior. 
Hope everyone is having a happy and fulfilling day!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

"I will persist until I succeed."

Everyday is a new day. 
No more living in the past. No more racing to the future. 
Live for today and make today be like your last day. 
Fill it with your best efforts.
Learn something new. 
Do something that scares you. 
Love everyone you come into contact with. 

Shon and I arrived in California after our 2 1/2 week long road trip and decided we didn't want to go back to Dallas. So, we are going to live in San Diego, California. My goals: to make my Beachbody business excel; to write songs and perform them; to record albums; to get a yoga certification; and to be a loving girlfriend.

I am not going to let complacency and laziness dictate my life. Then, I will be able to accomplish all that I set out to do. 

Photos from our road trip (BEWARE-there are a lot):


Our Campsite
 Getting ready for a yummy dinner and smores.

 Nice morning view && green tea.

 The start of the hiking trail.

 Beautiful bluffs everywhere!

 Our "room" on many nights.
 Headed to Nashville.


 Our beautiful bartender.
 Jaclyn North

 My cowboy for the evening.

 Figure eight in the sky while getting a flat fixed.

 Farmington, Missouri Wine Tours.
First stop: The Cave Vineyards
 && Tastings.
 The cave.

 Tigers at the bed and breakfast.

Second stop: Crown Valley Winery

 Assistant wine maker, Bobby.

 Lots of wine, cheese, and crackers.

 Yosh and THE wine maker.

 Lovin' the views.

 Third winery/brewery.

 Sully 'n Yosh reunite in Illinois.
 Driving into Colorado Springs.

 Howling at the moon in New Mexico (that little dot is the moon) :)

 Check out these clouds...
 2 hours later in Flagstaff, Arizona...and then there was snow.

 I love clouds.

 Cali-i-fornia love.

 Moonlight Beach
 && fish tacos.

 J.Lynn & Yosh 2010

 Dancer's Pose (kinda) ha
 Chasing seagulls.

The beginning of our journey.