Friday, September 30, 2011

"The tribute to learning is teaching."

I love late night tea time.

This just reinforces what I know that I must do.

During the yoga teacher training I participated in we were told on many occasions that we were expanding our practice, and that "when one is established in Yoga, teaching becomes just another aspect of practice." 
I also read it in a couple of books about Yoga. Teaching is a way for us to learn even more about who we are in our trade, as well as the trade itself. I hope I can feel this way once I begin teaching yoga.

I must teach yoga.
I must share with others the love I have for yoga.
Only then will I be an established yogi.

Why would I want to keep this wonderful feeling that yoga ignites within me to myself?

Also, 11:26 PM, while my boyfriend is trying to sleep in our tiny studio apartment, is not the best time for me to be listening to inspirational musicians who I can't help but sing along with.


15 Day Challenge-Day 6: Dream Job

Roku-nichi (Day 6)
If you could have any job in the world what would it be and why?

Any job in the

I would want a job that requires me to travel to places that look like this:

Cliffs of Moher in County Clare (Ireland)

Kyoto, Japan
Nikko, Japan
Florence, Italy
And maybe I could write about my travels. Be a travel writer, perhaps? For NatGeo? :)

I would want a job that is all about enjoyment.
I would want a job where everyone who surrounds me is happy, and everyone gets along, and the environment is just really chill.

Love, compassion, and understanding-that is all I desire.

I really don't know what this job is, but if it's out there, I've got a resume and some personal references ;)

I leave you with this band that I really like.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

15 Day Challenge-Day 5: Surfin'

Go-nichi (Day 5)
Do you have any favorite websites? What are they?

You bet I waste many minutes of my day surfin' some go to sites :)
And the winners are:

Bodyrock - the best fitness & health blog EVER!

GOOD - I like this magazine, and I like their website

LIVEstrong - Become a better, healthier you.
I subscribe to the e-mail newsletters because they write some great fitness and health articles.

Annnd I really like Etsy && Yelp.

Oh, and a few of my favorite blogs:

Silverfaeries & Dragonflies (my auntie!)

[life of love]

walk with me, darling (good friend of mine)

Fit to Flourish

Flourish in Progress (she is freakin' hilarious)

HEARTing Handmade (awesome giveaways!)

Peanut Butter Fingers (she's just too cute!)


The Daybook (fashionable chica)

Joseph Stingley (my go to Yoga instructor)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

15 Day Challenge-Day 4: I just wanna be OK

Yokka (Day 4)
Put your Itunes on shuffle & list 10 songs that pop up.
How do they describe you?

How can someone else's song describe me? Hm, I don't really get this one. I know how certain songs make me feel, I know that each song has a memory to me, but to have a description about myself from a song? Let's see.

1. Akon-"Right Now" 

Well I really like this song haha It's a bit cheesy though, and the lyrics aren't that great, so maybe the way it describes me is that sometimes I just want to be without a care in the world just jammin' to the beat in my head, right now.

2. Jessie J-"Mamma Knows Best"

Firstly, I am in looove with Jessie J. Secondly, this girl has got such an interesting and versatile sound. This song  describes my love for unique bluesy songs, something I've only recently begun having an appreciation for.

3. Infected Mushroom-"Bust a Move"

Ayyayaya my all time favorite DJs and one of my all time favorite psy-trance songs. Hearing this kinda music just brings back memories of my party days; how carefree I was, how intense I partied, and how rad my taste in music was ;) I love jammin' this stuff while I do an intense workout nowadays, or when I need to focus on writing. 

4. Cascada-"Bad Boy"

Hm, I like bad boys? Haha if I described myself based on the lyrics, it'd be that I'm not that kinda girl anymore, the one who stayed in a toxic relationship out of desperation or fear of being alone. I'm an independent chic now, and I can handle the world's curve balls on my own.

5. Ingrid Michaelson-"Be OK"

OMG, I love this song. This describes me to the T. "I just wanna be OK. I just wanna feel today. I just want to know something today." I just want to be. 

6. Akon-"Against the Grain"

I don't want to live like everyone else. I don't want to follow the herd. I want to go against the grain, "a feeling I can't explain", but I've gotta do me in way that isn't like anyone else. To me going against the grain means not working the 9 to 5, not getting shit-faced all weekend every weekend to numb myself from the boredom I feel during the workweek, and going above and beyond the dull drums of the simple life. Not that there's anything wrong with that lifestyle; it's just not for me. Any hardship I may face because I took my own path is something I'll just have to deal with when the time comes. 

7. Infected Mushroom-"The Shen"

I'm not even sure what the title of this song means, but this song describes how powerful and magical I think life truly is.

8. Cascada-"Evacuate the Dance Floor"

"Watch me getting physical, out of control" when I get a little more than tipsy. "I'm infected by the sound" of the music and I will dance my booty off, losing myself in the beat. I'm a blast to go out with it.

9. Staind-"Zoe Jane"

This song describes the relationship I have with my my head. "I want to hold you, protect you from all of the things I've already endured, and I want to show you all of the things that this life has in store for you. I'll always love you." I'm sorry for leaving you behind, for not being there for you, and for all of the excuses, but know that if I could I would take you in and give you all the things you deserve. I love you.

10. GMS-"Gladiator"

I am a warrior. I will fight to the end to have freedom and peace, nothing and no one will stand in my way.

Well, I suppose it got a little easier towards the end, to come up with a description of myself :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

15 Day Challenge-Day 3: Just Be

San-nichi (Day 3)
Discuss how you hope your future will be like.

Ayy. This is a tough one. It seems I'm always pondering, wishing, dreaming up what my future will look like.
Who will I be?
Where will I be?
Will I be happy?

Well, I hope I will be happy. 
I hope I will still be in love.
I hope I will be financially secure.

However, there's no need for hoping because 
I know that whatever my future holds, it will be what is meant to be. 
So, I'm going to just be...

My all time favorite song, "Just Be"

Fall Detox to Prepare You For a Winter of Wellness

(Winter of Wellness idea adapted from Yoga Journal; detox adapted from own experience with safe cleansing.)

Every Sunday (it's only been two Sundays thus far), I write a post for my aunt’s blog, Silverfaeries & Dragonflies, and my most recent one touched on the subject of detoxing for the coming winter months.

Kajira over at HEARTing Handmade asked me:

Do you have any good tips for detoxing?

Firstly, I would eliminate dairy, wheat, eggs, sugar, corn, and caffeine from your diet (just for 1 week!) as these tend to aid in mucus-forming in the body, which causes toxic buildup. Toxic buildup can lead to allergies, headaches, low energy, mood swings, among many other feelings we've been conditioned to think are the “norm”. 

Include a ton of veggies (veggies are fibrous, which binds to toxins to quickly release them from the body) with organic meats, fruits (sparingly), whole grains, and nuts & seeds (sparingly).

I would also have 1 liquid meal per day (I like to have it for breakfast) and I would keep dinner light, i.e. a piece of broiled meat with loads of yummy veggies and a side salad. BTW, it's best to make all of this your own. No need to do things exactly like other people. I know we all have a creative side in us, and we all have different tastes, likes, and dislikes. So, do you. :)

Throughout the week, maintain a consistent workout regimen-20 minutes of intense interval training will do; I use Bodyrock as my workout inspiration-and include a daily yoga practice. You can check out freevideo streaming of yoga online. I haven't personally used this site since I practice yoga on my own with the knowledge I've gained from participating in a teacher training. 

You can also go to a studio, which is a lot of fun because you can feel the energy of the other yogis. Most studios will charge a $10 fee for your first week, which would work perfect for this, since you can go as many times as you like in that one week.

Yoga and mediation are very good at centering, balancing, and cleansing our bodies, spirits, and our minds, so they are a great addition to a detox.

Also, clear your mind of clutter; find time for yourself and for the things you love most-crocheting, crafts, singing, playing an instrument, reading a good book, cooking a new recipe, working in the garden, writing on your blog-whatever floats your boat. These things might also be great ways to unwind from a long day's work.

If you can afford it, a massage or acupuncture is great to do too. These two treatments are very helpful in releasing the built up toxins in the body.

Take a multi-vitamin!
Drink plenty of water!  
Go for relaxing walks in nature!

For now, I think this will do. It’s not an elaborate detox; it’s a not a quick fix, but it’s a natural approach to getting your body and mind to a place of balance and clarity.

Happy, safe detoxing! And let me know how it goes!

BTW, check out my first Sunday blog post on Silverfaeries & Dragonflies blog. Happy reading loves!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

No Mirrors For a Day Results

Today, I decided to avoid looking at myself in the mirror. 
(I wrote a post about the WHY yesterday.)
So, how did that go, you might ask?

Surprisingly, it went well. Really well.

I live in a studio apartment (we all know how big those are) and one of my walls is a mirror, so you can imagine how difficult it might have been to avoid looking into the mirror at all


I did not look at myself before taking a shower or brushing my teeth this morning.
I did not look at myself before heading out for coffee and donuts for breakfast.
And I have no intention of looking at myself before going to bed tonight.

I also ate what I wanted today (hazelnut coffee drink with whip from Better Buzz coffee && yummy sugar-laden donuts) without any remorse, in fact I ate with pure enjoyment, and I did not check out my stomach immediately afterwards. 
:insert forgotten photos of yummy breakfast here:

Although I did see myself, if for a nano second, a number of times today, I did NOT stare and nitpick my appearance. 

And let me tell you, it felt soo good!
No wasted time or energy on judging my appearance, or thinking about it for hours afterward? 
I should do this more often!

But, what is it about checking myself out after eating that is so enticing?
I really don't have the answer for that, but I do know it doesn't accomplish anything except unnecessary stress and a headache.

I think I'm going to start meditating in place of obsessing about how my body looks.
Yeah, that sounds like a really good habit to cultivate.

If you decide to engage in a similar activity, I'd love to hear how it goes.
Kk, goodnight loves.

15 Day Challenge-Day 2: ME, ME, ME

Oh, how I love to talk about myself. Who doesn't?

Thirty interesting facts about me?
That's not the least bit vain, is it?
Not if I'm doing it for the sake of others, right?
I kid, I kid. These kinds of things are fun to do, and I'm sure other people love reading about it, so here goes Day 2 of the 15 Day Challenge I'm participating in:

Ni-nichi (Day 2)

Share 30 interesting facts about yourself

1. I love all things Japanese and I want to learn to speak the language; in the mean time, I try to be Japanese savvy by using what words I do know in my blog posts; see above. 
(I could totally be wrong on the translation, so if you are more savvy than I, please do not hesitate to let me know.)

2. I love tattoos and would love to look like either one of these beautiful ladies if a) it weren't so dang expensive, b) I weren't so torn on how I would like for others to see me, and c) I weren't so torn on which look to go for.

Isn't she darling?
3. i love yoga. 
Assisted handstand w/Jano 
doesn't this pose exude peacefulness?

4. As I write this, I am bearing witness to magical music-making by Yosh. I'm the luckiest girl in the world. And he is truly amazing.

5. I would looove to live on a houseboat. 

6. I am a writer. I am a singer. I am a yogi. I am a dreamer. I am a student of life.

7. I thoroughly enjoy reading about astrology; not horoscopes, but the stuff that's based on the planets and shit.

8. I really love and agree with what I read about being a Sagittarius:
energetic/ambitious/generous/freedom-loving/seeker of challenge/open to new ideas and exploration/direct/love of the outdoors/I SEE

9. I am a recovering potty-mouth.

10. I used to be addicted to caffeine; now the slightest bit of it makes me scatter-brained, jittery, and anxious.

11. Cookies are my weakness. I don't discriminate; they're all good.

12. If I don't work out first thing in the morning, I more than likely will not work out that day.

13. Green smoothies for breakfast are extremely yummy and a energizing start to my day.

14. I really can't stand being in the same place/same job/same routine for too long. I think 6 months is about my max, then I start itching for some new scenery.

15. I would love to live in Ireland, Japan, Spain, Greece, and Italy. I hope to do it very soon.

16. In a relationship, I am loyal to the bone and very committed. Kind of a contradiction to my restlessness in all other things in my life.

17. I want to start my own non-profit wellness rehabilitation center for drug and alcohol addicts, the overweight, and the depressed. 

18. I can not work for a corporation. I am too much of an insubordinate; therefore I have to work for myself.

19. This seems a little superficial. Oops.

20. I love reading, especially non-fiction books, because I love to learn.

21. A perfect Friday night to me would consist of a glass of wine & cheese plate at a nice wine lounge with friends who I can talk with for hours. Then maybe some dancing :)

22. I dress to impress...myself. 

23. I really don't have a sense of style. I love looking at fashion blogs, but I can not seem to put outfits together. Jeans + heels + cute blouse = my look. No crazy amounts of jewelry or a belt or unique hairstyle, and I do not know how to layer. I guess I'm kind of a plain Jane.
some tried and true outfits of mine:

hehe my fave shirt...same as above

24. I'd also rather wear yoga pants, a cute v-neck top, and flip-flops during the day than some well put together fashionable outfit. Although, I really, really do wish I did.

25. I want to be financially secure; so much so that I can take care of my momma, my sisters, my boyfriend, and my great auntie. 

26. I struggle with living in the present moment and feeling truly happy. Like my singing, it's a work in progress.

27. All-time favorite food = roasted, crunchy almond butter. It goes well with errthing, or just straight outta the jar.

28. I want to live in a yurt.

29. MMA excites me.

30. I really want a sailboat, and to watch the sun set over the ocean while riding in my sailboat would be pure happiness.

Wow I'm glad that's over. I hope you aren't punching yourself in the face with boredom.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

15 Day Challenge

My lovely aunt, and fellow blogger, is participating in one of those daily challenges where you give readers a peak into who you are.

We all know how good I am at starting a challenge and then not finishing it. See: Epiphany for further details :)

But I decided to actually DO this one. Not TRY it. Not start it, then bail, but to actually do it, everyday. Whoa, that just sounds scary!

:Feels palms getting sweaty, and heart beat quickening:

I get so nervous just writing down a commitment like that, even something so simple as writing a short post for my readers to get to know me better. I guess I don't want to let anyone down if I can't seem to come through, but what excuse do I have to not come through? There aren't any, so I'm gunna do it; starting today. Go here if you would like to link up with other bloggers on this 15 day challenge, oh and don't forget to peruse Sar's blog while you're at it. She is super cute and her blog is so fun to read!

Ichi-nichi (Day 1) 

Discuss your current relationship

He loves me through my ups and downs, which are never-ending.

He’s patient; he’s understanding; he’s kind.

He’s full of surprises, such as this one: 
I opened our front door last night and he was standing there
holding out the muffin and the gift bag :)
'My Love' card; banana nut muffin with a candle representing our
1 year anniversary; and in the bag was a bottle of my favorite liquor:
Tequila haha

He’s full of ambitions and is a man of many talents and skills.

We’ve known each other for four years and we’ve been together for one year; it’s been a journey and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us. 

At times I may not show my appreciation for the things he does, and I may be a little detached, but I'm a devoted and loyal girlfriend. 

I love you my ninja.

Your Bishoujo 

No Mirrors For a Day

Does that sound impossible, or what?

Well, it's something I'm going to attempt tomorrow. It has to be on a weekend day since I need a mirror to put my face on for work during the week, and since I've already looked in the mirror numerous times today.

This idea came to me in the middle of this past week. I have a tendency to look at myself in a mirror repeatedly throughout the day; not in a narcissistic manner, but in a way where I nitpick any flaws I may see, or what I consider to be my "flaws". My biggest concern is the belly bulge that I feel has plagued my small frame and won't go away. So what I do is turn sideways and I examine it feeling disgusted with it and wondering WHY.

This is just such an absurd thing to do, and to do it more than once a day? It can't be good for my well-being. I should be able to just accept me for me, just as we all should.

I think the main reason I do this is that I'm searching for "perfection". I see "perfection" in the magazines I read, forgetting that models prepare for photo shoots by spending at least a week beforehand eating clean and exercising for hours. This isn't something most people maintain regularly. It's nearly impossible, if not exhausting.

I think I also do this kind of comparison when watching movies that I love. I get wrapped up in the story line, wishing my life could be anything close to what I'm watching, also forgetting that movies and TV shows don't show the actual journey of life. They show the problems, the climax, and the solution, which seems all too perfect most of the time.

So, my challenge for tomorrow is to avoid nitpicking my appearance when I pass a mirror. I have a mirror as a wall in my living room, so it won't be possible to bypass, but the idea is not to completely avoid the mirror. I can glance in the mirror for a second, but I can NOT stare at myself, which I've turned into a habit.

Even my boyfriend has called me out on this awful habit of mine. I don't even say anything out loud like, "Ew, look at yourself." But he just knows what I'm thinking. He thinks it's ridiculous, and he's right. It really does me no good, but it does set me up to obsess and to stress.

Maybe I can do a follow-up challenge where any time I look in a mirror, I pick out something I love about my body (or my face) and I say so out loud and I truly believe it.

Join in if you would like to. Happy day loves!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Letting Loose With Betty Boo

i LOVE this amazing chica!
Look at that smile :)

She took me on a date to West Coast Tavern
Unfortunately, I didn't get a pic of the weird appetizer we ordered that ended up being UHmazing!
Bacon wrapped, roasted nut filled dates with goat cheese as a dip.
I don't  know what they did to the goat cheese, but all of it was just crazy yummy.
Don't knock it 'til you try, I say ;)
We had a glass of Malbec wine each (I decided to go against doc's orders), then we shared lamb sliders and pistachio crusted bread pudding with vanilla ice cream. 
I loved the tapas style portions since it gave us extra room for dessert.

We have such a blast hanging out together that we're thinking of having a girl's night out once a week! I can't wait! I really enjoy hanging out with this broad. 

I believe it's essential to cultivate bonds between people other than your mom or your dog; you can gain a variety of insights into what's outside of your own little world, plus it's nice to throw in a little more fun into a daily routine. 

Get dolled up (not for anyone but yourself), listen to fun dance music while driving, go to a hoppin' place to enjoy the diversity of people hangin' out all in the same place, drink some wine && talk. Get on the dance floor and just let loose!

This certainly sounds like a necessity of life.

On a side note, I plan to have an About Me and a Music page that'll be located at the top of the blog very soon!

Happy day loves!