Thursday, November 24, 2011

i want to dance

i don't care what kind of dancing it is, or where i am, or what i'll be wearing, but i want to dance.


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5 6 7 8

oh, and Happy Thanksgiving. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A little late...Manicure Mondays.

Nail art has been on trend for awhile now...(see celebs and other blogging ladies):

Jessie J (my fave celeb :])
Here are just a few of the many photos of her crazy nail art:


Golly, I love her. 

And another nail art obsessed celeb, Rihanna



I'm always late in the game when it comes to trends; I see something I like - jewel toned pants, thigh high boots, small purses with long chains - and I don't jump on the bandwagon until I know that it'll be something that I'll like for a long while. 

Well, I've decided to finally partake in some nail art fun and I thought to myself, 'Why not do what Jennifer @ The Looks For Less is doing and make a weekly post of my nail art?' So, that's what I'll be doing here on WILDyetZenful. Every Monday I plan to showcase a different style of nail art for that week. I ordered a bunch of nail polishes from Amazon and just received everything, so here is my Manicure Monday (on Tuesday) post :] Enjoy loves.

(BTW, Jennifer has a new lifestyle blog, Fab Fatale, that you should definitely check out!)

The stuff: boom boom powprotein base coatmy trusty pink.

do you see the gold shimmer?

paired it with this ring

too many pics? haha

Well, that is it for Manicure Monday. Next week, I'll be on time! 

Hope you had a wonderfully splendid day!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shop my closet: 70s inspired

Shon and I are going to a last minute 70s inspired party tonight (well last minute to me, Shon already knew about it!). I don't really have any thing in my closet from that era and I don't want to go shopping right now, but I'm going to try to make it work.

Here's what I'm thinking:

  • belted high-waisted bell bottoms 
  • button down, ruffled necked blouse tucked into jeans
  • blazer
  • platforms
  • flowing, wavy hair
  • long pendant necklaces
  • bangles
  • small bag with long chain
Here's what I have:
  • flare low to mid-rise jeans
  • a few blouses that might work
  • a blue blazer
  • platform wedged sandals (brown and gold)
  • high, straight ponytail (remember, last minute, therefore I'm sticking to the 'do I had all day)
  • long black necklaces
  • flashy black bangles
  • no bag with long chain
I feel a little limited in what I have, mostly because a lot of my clothes are black and white. All of my heels are black stripper-esque, and I have a ton of clubbing outfits. I am in dire need of a huge fashion haul, one that is up to date with my changing tastes.

Here are some looks I found that I like:

I really like the clean look of this outfit.
love this.
I think bohemian falls under 70s fashion...
I found this outfit through Forever 21
a while back.

Also from Forever 21 lookbook
this last one has to be my favorite; i love the suede vest and the lace camisole and the touch of blue in the shoes.

Here's what I came up with by using what items I have in my closet:

I didn't mean for my head to be cut off, but I actually like it like this :)

So, I probably should have gone shopping because none of these outfits look like the 70s. Shon said the last one looks British. Hmph. Oh well, I'm going with the last one. 

Hope you're having a lovely weekend so far!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

i love...

This site freakin' rocks...I mean what's not to love about this:

Etsy is the world’s handmade marketplace.

Our mission is to empower people to change the way the global economy works. We see a world in which very-very small businesses have much-much more sway in shaping the economy, local living economies are thriving everywhere, and people value authorship and provenance as much as price and convenience. We are bringing heart to commerce and making the world more fair, more sustainable, and more fun.

here are a few of my favorite things from some lovely Etsy shops:

This ring is too cool!

These yoga pants:
This photo:
i love lighthouses
i love elephants! and necklaces :)
The above necklace is one of many of my favorites from this store called Ringostone.

this necklace (I'm a necklace fanatic!):
I have tons more favorites from this shop that made the above necklace.

I don't think this picture frame would look near as cool without the silver behind it, so I want the frame and the silver stuff haha

My favorites on Etsy are mostly: yoga apparel, jewelry, photos & paintings, TOMS, and coin purses and I really want to buy a coffee/tea mug from Etsy. Wanna get me a holiday gift? :)

hope you're having a lovely day!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Guest Post for Silverfaeries & Dragonflies

I write a Sunday post for my aunt's blog every Sunday, but this past week she has been making exciting changes to her site. For now, I'm going to publish my guest post on my blog until she gets things up and running again.

Vriksasana - Tree pose
from the balancing series

I am a tree.
I represent inner growth and self-realization by being deeply connected with Mother Earth.
"I reach deep into the earth to find my source of wisdom and compassion."


Vriksa = tree
Asana = Posture

Start in mountain pose.
Bend the left knee and bring the sole of the left foot to the inner right thigh, heel as close to the groin as possible.
Press the foot and the thigh firmly against each other.
Level the pelvis by dropping the left hip down and pressing the left knee out and down, away from the center of the body.
Bring hands to heart center (or for another variation, "grow your tree" bringing arms overhead).
Maintain the posture as if you were in mountain pose: shoulders down away from ears, abs pulled in and up, and spine lengthened.

Focus on the breath.
The inhale draws the earth's energy up through the standing leg.
The exhale allows you to relax in the pose, however still maintaining length in the spine and stability in the standing leg.

In this pose, you are the tree of life. Imagine the earth's energy supporting and nourishing your roots. It rises up through your being, through the seven energy chakras. Each chakra contains an element of being and sustainability for this tree of life you've created with Mother Nature. The water element provides you with sustenance to grow and lengthen through the solar plexus where sunlight is let in. The energy continues to rise up through the heart chakra, the throat chakra, into the sixth chakra where "the flower of the tree of life blossoms wisdom and self knowledge."

strengthens and stabilizes legs
eases knee pain
creates peace and balance within

Take some time this week to really connect with yourself. 
Engage in breathing exercises that will help quiet and still the mind, so that you may open yourself up to self-realization and peace.  
Practice yoga and find inner balance and growth.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

i love... && Weekend Recap

things that have put a genuine smile on my face; that made me think "Boy, do I love..."

simple meals.
red hot nails.
Naked Face Challenge ?
I promise my nails are red; this hot pink shirt throws it off :)
rainy days.
hot showers.

these are just a few things that I've been really fond of these past couple of days.

Here is an update on this past weekend in photos:

Shon made a substantial amount of sales at work this week, so we skipped the gym and headed over to Local Habit: known for organic food and a varied beer selection, oh and really cool wooden tables.
This was the (HUGE!) "water" bottle they brought out before
the meal hehe what a cute idea!

Shon and I had to work Saturday.
Well, I didn't really work...I got to spend time at the yoga studio.
 I took Reegan's class, then signed in some classes, and chatted it up with my girl Jenn.
Then got some pho with Shon (my ninja) && had a quiet night cuddled in bed.

yummy smoothie: PB, blueberries, banana, hempmilk
from Banjar
pho with my ninja
spicy, yummy goodness!

Better Buzz sunday
We ate breakfast at the best breakfast eatery in town (out of the only two we've been to :]).
Spent some money, shopping.
Hit up the beach.
Watched football.
I blogged and while reading this post, had the urge to go to Better Buzz coffee where I got a brown sugar, cinnamon, chai tea latte and a yummy pumpkin scone.

'Why is this woman always taking random pictures of me?!'

Not my usual choice: an egg & ham & cheese  everything bagel sandwich
took it apart and added some cream cheese
this was pretty delicious, plus I got a smoothie to get some fruit in there

chilly && captivating
my new jacket! (and a goofy pose :])
"I look like I'm ready to fly a fighter jet!"

Shon trying on his new jeans
The store we went to had a really awesome sale going on: buy one, get one on the clearance racks. I bought the jacket pictured above-sale price: $79-and I forced Shon to pick the free item. There was more to offer in the ladies' section, so he was pretty limited in his choices. These jeans were the only thing he could find in his size that piqued his interest. The funny thing: these are skinny jeans and he's been pretty much anti-skinny jeans since they made an appearance in men's fashion. He makes fun of any guy he sees wearing them. Well, now you got 'em babe. I think they're sexy, especially the dark blue hue, and they make his ass look even better than it already looks.

What do you think? Leave 'em or love 'em?

That was a bit of our weekend showcased in my favorite way: in the form of photos!

How was your weekend? 
How is your week going so far? 
I hope everyone is having a splendidly wonderful day!

Btw, Shon is turning 32 today! I know it's a little late to be asking, but I haven't planned anything to celebrate and now I really want to. I'm also not very good at birthdays; at planning them or giving gifts. So, if any of you have any cool ideas on what I could do for him or get him (that's relatively cheap), let me know!

Oh, and one more thing: I spent the majority of my blogging on Sunday writing my Sunday post for Silverfaeries & Dragonflies, which is why I am just now posting about my Better Buzz Sunday. You can check out the post by clicking on the tab above labeled Guest Posts.

Happy reading! And happy day!