Ze Story

I am a dreamer.

I aspire to make my dreams come true.

I see the beauty in all things.

Yoga is an essential part of my life.

I'm extremely goofy and I love to laugh.

I love the word love and I use it quite often.

I am a nutrition and yoga fanatic with ongoing self-study.

I want to inspire others to be their best self; to live wild and free on whatever path they choose; to find little moments of stillness and connection to their inner light.

I love writing and that's where this blog comes in.
It will be filled with my thoughts, my art, yoga, my journey of healing, and all things zesty and zenful.

WILDyetZenful used to mean something different. I was in a different place when I started this blog three years ago; partying, then practicing yoga a couple times a week as a hangover remedy.

I'm still figuring out exactly what it means to me now, but I know it has something to do with living wild and free, expressing my inner light and sharing it with the world while connecting to stillness and staying centered. Follow me on my journey and let's ride the wave of life together.

Oh, while you're at it, check out the "La Musica" tab to read about my boyfriend, Yosh, and his musical journey, as well as to connect with him.

Happy reading and don't forget 
to leave me some love!

"I love love."
(Failure To Launch)

BTW, I participated in a 15 Day Challenge that I was excited about at first, but by day 4, was longing for it's end. I picked this challenge since it was only 15 days, figuring I could handle writing a post a day for 15 days. It was NOT easy, but now I have 15 posts that invite readers to know a little bit more about me. And looking back at them, I think it was worth it.
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