Thursday, February 17, 2011


I've realized something...I CAN NOT seem to finish anything I start.
For example:

  • I started Ange's 30-Day Challenge and stopped at day 4.
  • I started college in the spring of 2008 and stopped short of my associates in arts degree (6 credits left).
  • I started eating a vegan diet in January of 2010 and started eating cheese with my wine 6 months later.
  • I started taking vocal lessons in May of 2010. Vocal chords are just like muscles and in order to have a solid singing voice you have to work 'em and practice. I rarely practice anymore.
  • I signed up for guitar class at school, bought a guitar, and began learning about chords and strumming. That was 7 months ago and I can play maybe three songs, and I rarely practice.
  • I started following Zuzana's site religiously 13 months ago to stay in tip-top shape and I've managed to jump off that band wagon too. 
What is wrong with me?? 
Do I have commitment issues??
 That can't be; I stayed in a toxic relationship for almost five years! 
That took serious commitment. 
So, why am I so scatter-brained and ADD-like?
Well, I don't have an answer for that, except that I must accept it as an essential part of who I am, or force myself to be different. 
The former sounds like something I might actually stick with.
So, in order to keep being me AND to finish what I start, I'm going to take things day-by-day, the J.Lynn way.

Look for a post of my Swellbeing Challenge progress, coming your way...tomorrow? We'll see ;)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Iphone4 @ Verizon

You suck, you temptress
Why must you flash your goodies to me through my phone carrier when I finally decided to cut ties with the wireless phone industry once my two-year contract is up in August? 
I curse you Iphone 4, and I hereby declare, I will not be purchasing you

For many reasons: 
*Namely, I am so tired of Verizon trying to weasel me out of money I do NOT have.
*Secondly, I feel that I am already overly enthralled with the internet and other technologies, if I were to purchase the Iphone 4, I would probably be dead to the world.
*Lastly, I've decided I want to live more simply.

So, for the aforementioned reasons noted above, Iphone 4, I will not be enticed by your abundant apps, or your colorful display.

Honestly, I can't see the Iphone 4 bringing any more happiness into my life. Maybe a few convenient features, but happiness? 

On a lighter note,
I am still taking part in Ange's Swellbeing Project.
I thought I'd post my progress along with the daily challenge, but I don't think writing a post everyday is a feasible task for me.

Challenge 4: 
Get Spinach Stuck In Your Teeth
The objective:
Have a green protein shake daily--within 1 hr of workout is best. 
It's easy to do and it provides so many nutrients in just one drink!

Post-workout, it is important to consume carbs and protein and to steer clear from fat.
Ange's green shake/smoothie includes: 
*nut milk (protein)

*spinach (greens-nutritional powerhouse)

*protein powder (plant based-hemp or rice protein)

*maca (superfood w/amino acids)

*cinnamon (balances blood sugar)

*chia seeds (omega 3s, fiber)

*frozen banana (for a creamy texture)

*frozen berries (antioxidants).

I actually started to make green smoothies for breakfast a couple of days before joining The Swellbeing Project, so this one would've been an easy challenge. However, SOMEONE decided to drop the blender I was using, SO until I can buy another one, I can not make green smoothies AT ALL. 
Salads for I come!!

I never really thought of drinking a green smoothie/shake as an after workout snack (even though I have chocolate protein shake w/peanut butter), but what better way to have superfoods flood your body then right after a good workout when your muscles are in need of repair and your body is thirsting for nutrients. 

Challenge 5 (&& quote of the day):
Dry Skin Brushing
Dry skin brush for 2 minutes everyday.
"What then shall i do this morning? How we spend our days are, of course, how we spend our lives . . . there is no shortage of good days. It is good lives that are hard to come by." -Annie Dillard

Man, I am really diggin' this Ange chic, her lovely challenge, and her inspiring quotes :)

on to the challenge
Dry-Skin Brushing Benefits:
-drains lymphatic system (toxins clog this up) which can create cellulite
-helps with circulation
-aids in exfoliating
-stimulates nervous system

I've tried this before, but it just didn't stick with me and my routine. 
Not that it's hard to do, or that it even takes up THAT much extra time, or maybe it was a little inconvenient to do right before my shower if I was short on time, OR maybe I felt a little silly brushing my body. 
Well, after watching Ange's video, and refreshing my memory on the benefits, I would say those benefits certainly out weigh the "cons" I contrived :)
Time to get a body brush-here's to happy, glowing, toxin-free skin! 

Jump on this 30-day challenge with me! Go to Ange's blog at

happy day everyone!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Yesterday's practice was absolutely invigorating and a bit surprising. I was expecting the class to last about 45 minutes, but it ended up being double that! It was also filled with sweat. So, I didn't have too much time to get ready for work (or shower!) and my hair was bit frizzy, but it was well worth it. It was one of those practices that I truly needed-it set an energizing and grateful intention for the rest of my day.

Challenge 3 of Ange's Swellbeing Project
Today We Downward Dog
Really, the idea is to complete at least ONE yoga session this week. 
Seeing as I'm volunteering at Sorrento Valley Yoga (SVY) now, this challenge is a piece of cake for me.
I practiced Thursday, Saturday (for 3 hours) and Sunday of last week.
I practiced yesterday and I plan to practice again tomorrow, maybe Friday, and definitely Saturday && Sunday. 
Actually, this Sunday the owner of SVY is hosting yoga on the beach followed by dinner and chillin', which I'm a bit stoked about. 
This will be my first ACTUAL yoga practice in the sand while gazing out into the ocean. Sounds like my kinda yoga :)

I just started up my practice a week and a half ago after a 3 month long hiatus, and lemme tell ya, it feels great! AND I can FEEL every single one of my muscles! My triceps are sore. My shoulders are sore. I even feel it in my quads and my hamstrings! I haven't done anything else since Sunday when I went for a 10-minute run and completed a 35-minute workout from Zuzana's site. So, I can attribute the soreness to the yoga. 

Anyway, this is about all I have time to write today, so get on this challenge with me, and get your yoga on.

Have a happy, fulfilling, nourishing kind of day!


This post was from yesterday (02/08/11).
i am sad. there is a hole in my TOMS. i need a new pair.

I love this pair because I love the color PINK and these are just too cute. 
When I first saw them they didn't have my size, so I kept checking back and eventually they didn't have them in stock at all, UNTIL a million (I could be exaggerating a little) people were insisting they bring the only pair of pink TOMS back. The public needs pink TOMS. :) 
So, they brought 'em back, and I was very, very happy.
I wish I could afford to buy TOMS in every color, but for now I can only get one new pair. 
What color should I get now??

So, yesterday (02/07/11), 
I decided to take part in Ange's 30-day (January) challenge. 
Day 1: Drink up!
Water, that is.
I would say drinking water isn't really all that hard for me to do since it IS my go to beverage of choice, but sometimes I don't drink enough of it. 
Two things I am suffering from right now are fatigue and dry skin (both of which occur from being dehydrated), so I will be monitoring my water intake in hopes of clearing these pesky things up.
This morning I started out with a cup of hot lemon water (my fave!) and a green smoothie filled with spinach && fruit && water. 

I also joined Daily Plate to track my food and water intake, just to be more mindful of what is REALLY going into my body ;) 

Today's challenge (02/08/11):
Eat Whole Foods___3 Meals & 2 Snacks___Shop Organic & Local
This is definitely a very important part of the challenge. I completely agree with Ange's placement of this task in the challenge.

*Become aware of what you are eating-eat food for nourishment & energy & sustainability.
*Food you eat should be working for you, not against you. 
*You should not feel tired or sluggish after a meal. 
*Balance meals-Carbs/Proteins/Fats @ every meal.
*Eating every 3 hours keeps your blood sugar stable, which increases your energy. 
*Local vs. organic? Buy local and thoroughly wash non-organic.

Did I successfully complete this challenge?
Well, let's see:
I started out with a green smoothie. 
I ate bell peppers and cucumbers with hummus, which was DELISH.
I felt good after eating these things and I felt like it was working for me not against me, and I did NOT feel tired or sluggish afterward. 
I did, however, go longer than 3 hours between breakfast, an intense yoga session, and lunch, so I ended up having a chocolate chip cookie at work. It was so yummy, although I don't think it's considered a whole food. 
I certainly don't regret it, but since I'm taking this challenge, I think I'm supposed to steer clear of the cookies.
Overall, I didn't stuff myself full of junk/processed food, although I was tempted to have more than one cookie, and I found a local farmers market to start shopping at, so I think I managed to do a pretty good job.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Live today...

Live today as if it was your last day:
 Be kind to everyone who crosses your path
Embrace challenges 
Be mindful of your thoughts and the food you eat!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Don't cha know?

I'm not really sure what I'm doing with this blog. 

I've been reading my blog roll, keeping up with all the wonderful bloggin' ladies existing in the blogosphere, and I suppose I've been feeling a little more inspired to write on this thing. 

The problem:
 I can't seem to find a niche, nor can I narrow down the topics I want to write about.
I also don't know what exactly it is I want from writing on here.

Should I use this blog as a journal? A way to release stress?
Should I use this blog as an inspirational read for others? A way to engage & excite people?
Should I use this blog as a reminder to how great life is?
Or simply all of the above?
Am I in over my head?
Can I really create something so profound?

What I know: 
I want to write about my life and how I balance it in this world of unknowing, and I want to include fun photos (from a not so fancy-shmancy camera).

So any advice from you splendid bloggin' ladies out there would be much appreciated :) 

On another note:
I'm really enjoying my life right now.
I'm also really enjoying eating the Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Clif Bar I just opened.

It has a lot more ingredients than most other food bars I eat. 
Ingredient count: 18 or so. 
On days like today, where I venture out into the world at 6 a.m., and won't see home until around 5 p.m., I need food bars like this here Clif Bar, to sustain me until my next meal in four hours.

I usually eat Larabar food bars, or Kind bars, since they contain minimal ingredients-the closest to nature food is, the better-but they don't really hold me over until mealtime.

Anyway, I suppose I'll just use this blog to speak freely about my random thoughts and opinions until I figure it all out. I can't say how often I'll write (whenever I feel inspired?), but I'll do my best to make it worthwhile.

You tell me. 
How often should a blogger blog?