You Open My Eyes

i wake up in the morning; i get serenaded.
i get to smell the salty air from the ocean.
i get to drive into the sunrise, rising above the mountains.
i get to work with really cool people and chill bosses.
i get to do yoga at a bad ass studio.
i get to chill in Starbucks, drinking green tea and blogging.
i get to walk to the beach to watch the sunset.

i get a choice, every new day, to see the good, the light, in every 
experience i encounter. 

life is good.


  1. I love how positive you are! Yes, polyvore is where I usually do the layouts:)

  2. lol, sounds great and green tea is awesome!

  3. This is a really good poem! :) I didn't know you were this talented ^_^

    Hope you are having a good weekend! Oh! And I have tagged you!

  4. Amen. LIfe is definitely a series of choices, so why not make them happy. Love this post! xoxo

  5. Any day you get to end up walking a beach sounds pretty amazing :)

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. :) Love this little list! It's always great to focus on the good things. I need to do that more often! Have a good week.


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