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They mask blemishes && they're super cute. It seems that I only really have them when I fake bake and since I don't do that anymore my freckles aren't as apparent. I'd like to have freckles like my grammy had...

Throwback freckles (5th grade)


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"A girl without freckles is like a night without stars."


  1. I love freckles! my grandma also had them as much as yours. :) and she had the most amazing hair color (bright red). freckles look very pretty on you! :)

    off-topic: since when is Freddie doing workouts on body rock? now I see why you do them every day. :P

  2. cutie in the last images!! i heart freckles x

  3. Hey hey! It's been a long time! Merry Christmas! :) Like you I love freckles, I think they are super cute! But I don't have any :-/ I guess everyone has something about them that makes them beautiful, freckles or no freckles ;)

  4. Oh I wish I had freckles, they look so cute!

  5. Haha i so wish i had freckles
    Cute blog, Its awesome!!!!



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