Yesterday's practice was absolutely invigorating and a bit surprising. I was expecting the class to last about 45 minutes, but it ended up being double that! It was also filled with sweat. So, I didn't have too much time to get ready for work (or shower!) and my hair was bit frizzy, but it was well worth it. It was one of those practices that I truly needed-it set an energizing and grateful intention for the rest of my day.

Challenge 3 of Ange's Swellbeing Project
Today We Downward Dog

Really, the idea is to complete at least ONE yoga session this week. Seeing as I'm volunteering at Sorrento Valley Yoga (SVY) now, this challenge is a piece of cake for me. I practiced Thursday, Saturday (for 3 hours) and Sunday of last week. I practiced yesterday and I plan to practice again tomorrow, maybe Friday, and definitely Saturday && Sunday. Actually, this Sunday the owner of SVY is hosting yoga on the beach followed by dinner and chillin', which I'm a bit stoked about. This will be my first ACTUAL yoga practice in the sand while gazing out into the ocean. Sounds like my kinda yoga :)

I just started up my practice a week and a half ago after a 3 month long hiatus, and lemme tell ya, it feels great! AND I can FEEL every single one of my muscles! My triceps are sore. My shoulders are sore. I even feel it in my quads and my hamstrings! I haven't done anything else since Sunday when I went for a 10-minute run and completed a 35-minute workout from Zuzana's site. So, I can attribute the soreness to the yoga. 

Anyway, this is about all I have time to write today, so get on this challenge with me, and get your yoga on.

Have a happy, fulfilling, nourishing kind of day!


  1. great to keep hearing about how much you're enjoying yoga! sounds like some good workout


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