15 Day Challenge-Day 4: I just wanna be OK

Yokka (Day 4)
Put your Itunes on shuffle & list 10 songs that pop up.
How do they describe you?

How can someone else's song describe me? Hm, I don't really get this one. I know how certain songs make me feel, I know that each song has a memory to me, but to have a description about myself from a song? Let's see.

1. Akon-"Right Now" 

Well I really like this song haha It's a bit cheesy though, and the lyrics aren't that great, so maybe the way it describes me is that sometimes I just want to be without a care in the world just jammin' to the beat in my head, right now.

2. Jessie J-"Mamma Knows Best"

Firstly, I am in looove with Jessie J. Secondly, this girl has got such an interesting and versatile sound. This song  describes my love for unique bluesy songs, something I've only recently begun having an appreciation for.

3. Infected Mushroom-"Bust a Move"

Ayyayaya my all time favorite DJs and one of my all time favorite psy-trance songs. Hearing this kinda music just brings back memories of my party days; how carefree I was, how intense I partied, and how rad my taste in music was ;) I love jammin' this stuff while I do an intense workout nowadays, or when I need to focus on writing. 

4. Cascada-"Bad Boy"

Hm, I like bad boys? Haha if I described myself based on the lyrics, it'd be that I'm not that kinda girl anymore, the one who stayed in a toxic relationship out of desperation or fear of being alone. I'm an independent chic now, and I can handle the world's curve balls on my own.

5. Ingrid Michaelson-"Be OK"

OMG, I love this song. This describes me to the T. "I just wanna be OK. I just wanna feel today. I just want to know something today." I just want to be. 

6. Akon-"Against the Grain"

I don't want to live like everyone else. I don't want to follow the herd. I want to go against the grain, "a feeling I can't explain", but I've gotta do me in way that isn't like anyone else. To me going against the grain means not working the 9 to 5, not getting shit-faced all weekend every weekend to numb myself from the boredom I feel during the workweek, and going above and beyond the dull drums of the simple life. Not that there's anything wrong with that lifestyle; it's just not for me. Any hardship I may face because I took my own path is something I'll just have to deal with when the time comes. 

7. Infected Mushroom-"The Shen"

I'm not even sure what the title of this song means, but this song describes how powerful and magical I think life truly is.

8. Cascada-"Evacuate the Dance Floor"

"Watch me getting physical, out of control" when I get a little more than tipsy. "I'm infected by the sound" of the music and I will dance my booty off, losing myself in the beat. I'm a blast to go out with it.

9. Staind-"Zoe Jane"

This song describes the relationship I have with my sisters...in my head. "I want to hold you, protect you from all of the things I've already endured, and I want to show you all of the things that this life has in store for you. I'll always love you." I'm sorry for leaving you behind, for not being there for you, and for all of the excuses, but know that if I could I would take you in and give you all the things you deserve. I love you.

10. GMS-"Gladiator"

I am a warrior. I will fight to the end to have freedom and peace, nothing and no one will stand in my way.

Well, I suppose it got a little easier towards the end, to come up with a description of myself :)


  1. oh yeah, love infected mushrooms. :) that kind of music keeps me up when my energy level starts to drop.


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