Letting Loose With Betty Boo

i LOVE this amazing chica!
Look at that smile :)

She took me on a date to West Coast Tavern
Unfortunately, I didn't get a pic of the weird appetizer we ordered that ended up being UHmazing!
Bacon wrapped, roasted nut filled dates with goat cheese as a dip.
I don't  know what they did to the goat cheese, but all of it was just crazy yummy.
Don't knock it 'til you try, I say ;)
We had a glass of Malbec wine each (I decided to go against doc's orders), then we shared lamb sliders and pistachio crusted bread pudding with vanilla ice cream. 
I loved the tapas style portions since it gave us extra room for dessert.

We have such a blast hanging out together that we're thinking of having a girl's night out once a week! I can't wait! I really enjoy hanging out with this broad. 

I believe it's essential to cultivate bonds between people; you can gain a variety of insights into what's outside of your own little world, plus it's nice to throw in a little more fun into a daily routine. 

Get dolled up (not for anyone but yourself), listen to fun dance music while driving, go to a hoppin' place to enjoy the diversity of people hangin' out all in the same place, drink some wine && talk. Get on the dance floor and just let loose!

This certainly sounds like a necessity of life. 
Happy day loves!


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