Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Detox to Prepare You For a Winter of Wellness

(Winter of Wellness idea adapted from Yoga Journal; detox adapted from own experience with safe cleansing.)

Every Sunday (it's only been two Sundays thus far), I write a post for my aunt’s blog, Silverfaeries & Dragonflies, and my most recent one touched on the subject of detoxing for the coming winter months.

Kajira over at HEARTing Handmade asked me:

Do you have any good tips for detoxing?

Firstly, I would eliminate dairy, wheat, eggs, sugar, corn, and caffeine from your diet (just for 1 week!) as these tend to aid in mucus-forming in the body, which causes toxic buildup. Toxic buildup can lead to allergies, headaches, low energy, mood swings, among many other feelings we've been conditioned to think are the “norm”. 

Include a ton of veggies (veggies are fibrous, which binds to toxins to quickly release them from the body) with organic meats, fruits (sparingly), whole grains, and nuts & seeds (sparingly).

I would also have 1 liquid meal per day (I like to have it for breakfast) and I would keep dinner light, i.e. a piece of broiled meat with loads of yummy veggies and a side salad. BTW, it's best to make all of this your own. No need to do things exactly like other people. I know we all have a creative side in us, and we all have different tastes, likes, and dislikes. So, do you. :)

Throughout the week, maintain a consistent workout regimen-20 minutes of intense interval training will do; I use Bodyrock as my workout inspiration-and include a daily yoga practice. You can check out freevideo streaming of yoga online. I haven't personally used this site since I practice yoga on my own with the knowledge I've gained from participating in a teacher training. 

You can also go to a studio, which is a lot of fun because you can feel the energy of the other yogis. Most studios will charge a $10 fee for your first week, which would work perfect for this, since you can go as many times as you like in that one week.

Yoga and mediation are very good at centering, balancing, and cleansing our bodies, spirits, and our minds, so they are a great addition to a detox.

Also, clear your mind of clutter; find time for yourself and for the things you love most-crocheting, crafts, singing, playing an instrument, reading a good book, cooking a new recipe, working in the garden, writing on your blog-whatever floats your boat. These things might also be great ways to unwind from a long day's work.

If you can afford it, a massage or acupuncture is great to do too. These two treatments are very helpful in releasing the built up toxins in the body.

Take a multi-vitamin!
Drink plenty of water!  
Go for relaxing walks in nature!

For now, I think this will do. It’s not an elaborate detox; it’s a not a quick fix, but it’s a natural approach to getting your body and mind to a place of balance and clarity.

Happy, safe detoxing! And let me know how it goes!

BTW, check out my first Sunday blog post on Silverfaeries & Dragonflies blog. Happy reading loves!


  1. I am glad I stumbled upon your blog! I have been sitting at home for a month now with nothing to do and since I don't own a car it's hard to get to places. And my body has been telling me that it's about time to get back on track workout-wise. And I think i will start the workouts on the Bodyrock website that you suggested. As for the detox, I might try it, but last time I tried I gave up :( Thanks anyway for sharing!

  2. thank you sooo much for answering this, you helped me a lot! I will try it and let you know how it goes. :) have a wonderful week!

    btw, i've noticed that when i get an email if someone comments on my blog, i can send them a direct email if they state their address in the profile. you don't have it in your profile so I can't do it.