No Mirrors For a Day Results

Today, I decided to avoid looking at myself in the mirror. 
(I wrote a post about the WHY yesterday.)
So, how did that go, you might ask?

Surprisingly, it went well. Really well.

I live in a studio apartment (we all know how big those are) and one of my walls is a mirror, so you can imagine how difficult it might have been to avoid looking into the mirror at all


I did not look at myself before taking a shower or brushing my teeth this morning.
I did not look at myself before heading out for coffee and donuts for breakfast.
And I have no intention of looking at myself before going to bed tonight.

I also ate what I wanted today (hazelnut coffee drink with whip from Better Buzz coffee && yummy sugar-laden donuts) without any remorse, in fact I ate with pure enjoyment, and I did not check out my stomach immediately afterwards. 
:insert forgotten photos of yummy breakfast here:

Although I did see myself, if for a nano second, a number of times today, I did NOT stare and nitpick my appearance. 

And let me tell you, it felt soo good!
No wasted time or energy on judging my appearance, or thinking about it for hours afterward? 
I should do this more often!

But, what is it about checking myself out after eating that is so enticing?
I really don't have the answer for that, but I do know it doesn't accomplish anything except unnecessary stress and a headache.

I think I'm going to start meditating in place of obsessing about how my body looks.
Yeah, that sounds like a really good habit to cultivate.

If you decide to engage in a similar activity, I'd love to hear how it goes.
Goodnight loves.


  1. my first reaction was: i could never do that! but then i remembered i was doing it at the music festival i was writing about. i didn't care at all. but going to work or university without checking my face ... that would be really hard. :)


    i only post links to giveways - at least for now, i want to write a personal blog also but don't know yet if i'm going to change the current one or start writing another one. i actually made this one to experiment with blogging, adsense and such but now i want more. :)however, you read the rules, given by a giveaway host, usually you comment with a favorite item from the shop and then you have optional extra entries for following a blog etc. i've found some great blogs and handmade businesses while checking out those giveaways. i enter when i really like something. i started entering a few months ago because i was so broke i couldn't afford any new fashion accessories. i got some cool things that way and i love the feeling when you get a gift from the other side of the world, even more because it is something handmade and not some mass market kitsch. i'm not entering as much anymore (maybe because my financial situation has improved a bit) but i still like to find out about new bloggers and hand craft artists. :)

  2. I hope you do write a follow up to this to see your progress! You are beautiful and so I hope you can see that. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Kx


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