15 Day Challenge-Day 5: Surfin'

Go-nichi (Day 5)
Do you have any favorite websites? What are they?

You bet I waste many minutes of my day surfin' some go to sites :)
And the winners are:

Bodyrock - the best fitness & health blog EVER!

GOOD - I like this magazine, and I like their website

LIVEstrong - Become a better, healthier you.
I subscribe to the e-mail newsletters because they write some great fitness and health articles.

Annnd I really like Etsy && Yelp.

Oh, and a few of my favorite blogs:

Silverfaeries & Dragonflies (my auntie!)

[life of love]

walk with me, darling (good friend of mine)

Fit to Flourish

Flourish in Progress (she is freakin' hilarious)

HEARTing Handmade (awesome giveaways!)

Peanut Butter Fingers (she's just too cute!)


The Daybook (fashionable chica)

Joseph Stingley (my go to Yoga instructor)


  1. body rock rocks. :P thanks for mentioning me, I'll check the others out. hehe I'll try to hurry. :D can't wait for the weekend to catch up with these week's posts of my favorite bloggers (you included). :)


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