Monday, September 26, 2011

15 Day Challenge-Day 3: Just Be

San-nichi (Day 3)
Discuss how you hope your future will be like.

Ayy. This is a tough one. It seems I'm always pondering, wishing, dreaming up what my future will look like.
Who will I be?
Where will I be?
Will I be happy?

Well, I hope I will be happy. 
I hope I will still be in love.
I hope I will be financially secure.

However, there's no need for hoping because 
I know that whatever my future holds, it will be what is meant to be. 
So, I'm going to just be...

My all time favorite song, "Just Be"

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  1. I'm happy to receive comments! I rarely get any and if, they're like: "Following you. Please follow me back." I still have to find my niche blog hops because I don't have much in common with SAHMs that have obviously overpopulated the blogosphere. I don't have anything against them and am happy of every single follower but it gets a bit annoying sometimes ... especially if one single person begs me for the 3rd time.
    So yeah, I will give a try to a personal blog although it will be a slow transition until my life settles down a bit.

    TBH, I haven't really tried out adsense yet (only turned it on :P) but I did start to read a book about it and will experiment (finally I have some more free time, this month was crazy for me, I only had time to update with new links and join some hops). I will definitely write a tutorial or some insight if I'll find it helpful (or not). I actually planned to write about starting a handmade business from scratch, to keep my motivation, practice my writing and other blogging skills and maybe eventually help others. :)

    if you are a winner, the host (in most cases) writes you an email - if you leave it in a post or your profile. some bloggers only write a new post about winners and ask to contact them (but rarely and they already state that in an original post, sth like: check back the blog to find if you are a winner ... in that case it's a good idea to follow the blog. I have always received an email if I won ... I think. :D I'm going to "review" (more like show off, don't want it to sound like sponsored posts do) stuff I got on giveaways or bought on etsy ... eventually. :P