15 Day Challenge

My lovely aunt, and fellow blogger, is participating in one of those daily challenges where you give readers a peak into who you are.

We all know how good I am at starting a challenge and then not finishing it. See: Epiphany for further details :)

But I decided to actually DO this one. Not TRY it. Not start it, then bail, but to actually do it, everyday. Whoa, that just sounds scary!

:Feels palms getting sweaty, and heart beat quickening:

I get so nervous just writing down a commitment like that, even something so simple as writing a short post for my readers to get to know me better. I guess I don't want to let anyone down if I can't seem to come through, but what excuse do I have to not come through? There aren't any, so I'm gunna do it; starting today. Go here if you would like to link up with other bloggers on this 15 day challenge, oh and don't forget to peruse Sar's blog while you're at it. She is super cute and her blog is so fun to read!

Ichi-nichi (Day 1) 

Discuss your current relationship

He loves me through my ups and downs, which are never-ending.

He’s patient; he’s understanding; he’s kind.

He’s full of surprises, such as this one: 
I opened our front door last night and he was standing there
holding out the muffin and the gift bag :)
'My Love' card; banana nut muffin with a candle representing our
1 year anniversary; and in the bag was a bottle of my favorite liquor:
Tequila haha

He’s full of ambitions and is a man of many talents and skills.

We’ve known each other for four years and we’ve been together for one year; it’s been a journey and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us. 

At times I may not show my appreciation for the things he does, and I may be a little detached, but I'm a devoted and loyal girlfriend. 

I love you my ninja.

Your Bishoujo 


  1. A man who buys you tequila? That sounds AMAZING! Dream man, for sure.

    You want to know a hint? I am not good at blogging commitment too, so I write a few in advance when I know I have time, and just schedule them to post daily. :) Cheater, I know, but it works well! Then, you can go at your own pace (but seemingly blog daily!).

    :) Nice to meet you! Happy blogging!

  2. I do the same as Sar. ;) I think it's impossible to write a blog post every day in a month without missing at least one day, unless you don't have a life. I don't think it's cheating. :)
    regarding replying ... I'm not sure either. I usually subscribe to new comments by email but I sometimes forget to do it. I'm also afraid that someone wouldn't see my reply. some bloggers reply directly via e-mail and I like it that way but I have to figure out if there is any plug-in to make it simplify it. :) it's OK if you do it on my blog.

  3. I'm so glad Yosh makes you so happy :) You deserve it!

    As for the tequila...well, I would've warned him on that one, but something tells me he knows ;)


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