15 Day Challenge-Day 2: ME, ME, ME

Oh, how I love to talk about myself. Who doesn't?

Thirty interesting facts about me?
That's not the least bit vain, is it?
Not if I'm doing it for the sake of others, right?
I kid, I kid. These kinds of things are fun to do, and I'm sure other people love reading about it, so here goes Day 2 of the 15 Day Challenge I'm participating in:

Ni-nichi (Day 2)

Share 30 interesting facts about yourself

1. I love all things Japanese and I want to learn to speak the language; in the mean time, I try to be Japanese savvy by using what words I do know in my blog posts; see above. 
(I could totally be wrong on the translation, so if you are more savvy than I, please do not hesitate to let me know.)

2. I love tattoos and would love to be covered in them.
3. i love yoga. 
Assisted handstand w/Jano 

4. As I write this, I am bearing witness to magical music-making by Yosh. I'm the luckiest girl in the world. And he is truly amazing.

5. I would looove to live on a houseboat. 

6. I am a writer. I am a singer. I am a yogi. I am a dreamer. I am a student of life.

7. I thoroughly enjoy reading about astrology; not horoscopes, but the stuff that's based on the planets and shit.

8. I really love and agree with what I read about being a Sagittarius:
energetic/ambitious/generous/freedom-loving/seeker of challenge/open to new ideas and exploration/direct/love of the outdoors/I SEE

9. I am a recovering potty-mouth.

10. I used to be addicted to caffeine; now the slightest bit of it makes me scatter-brained, jittery, and anxious.

11. Cookies are my weakness. I don't discriminate; they're all good.

12. If I don't work out first thing in the morning, I more than likely will not work out that day.

13. Green smoothies for breakfast are extremely yummy and a energizing start to my day.

14. I really can't stand being in the same place/same job/same routine for too long. I think 6 months is about my max, then I start itching for some new scenery.

15. I would love to live in Ireland, Japan, Spain, Greece, and Italy. I hope to do it very soon.

16. In a relationship, I am loyal to the bone and very committed. Kind of a contradiction to my restlessness in all other things in my life.

17. I want to start my own non-profit wellness rehabilitation center for drug and alcohol addicts, the overweight, and the depressed. 

18. I can not work for a corporation. I am too much of an insubordinate; therefore I have to work for myself.

19. I love pizza!

20. I love reading, especially non-fiction books, because I love to learn.

21. A perfect Friday night to me would consist of a glass of wine & cheese plate at a nice wine lounge with friends who I can talk with for hours. Then maybe some dancing :)

22. I dress to impress...myself. 

23. I really don't have a sense of style. I love looking at fashion blogs, but I can not seem to put outfits together. Jeans + heels + cute blouse = my look. No crazy amounts of jewelry or a belt or unique hairstyle, and I do not know how to layer. I guess I'm kind of a plain Jane.
some tried and true outfits of mine:

hehe my fave shirt...same as above

24. I'd also rather wear yoga pants, a cute v-neck top, and flip-flops during the day than some well put together fashionable outfit. Although, I really, really do wish I did.

25. I want to be financially secure; so much so that I can take care of my momma, my sisters, my boyfriend, and my great auntie. 

26. I struggle with living in the present moment and feeling truly happy. Like my singing, it's a work in progress.

27. All-time favorite food = roasted, crunchy almond butter. It goes well with errthing, or just straight outta the jar.

28. I want to live in a yurt.

29. MMA excites me.

30. I really want a sailboat, and to watch the sun set over the ocean while riding in my sailboat would be pure happiness.

Wow I'm glad that's over. I hope you aren't punching yourself in the face with boredom.


  1. #1 - I think your cousin is following in your footsteps a bit here. He <3's anything Asian.

    #3 - Yoga is awesomeness. It helps you center and find a way to peacefulness. I really should start doing it again....regularly.

    #4 - Yes, he's an amazing artist.

    #5 - I never woulda thunk it ;)

    #6 - You are awesomenss hun :)

    #9 - Didn't know you were trying to tone that down. Good for you :)

    #14 - I am the same way. It never seems to get easier. After a certain amount of time, I begin to feel antsy and desire for change is overwhelming.

    #15 - Word! I'll come and visit...fo sho

    #16 - Another similarity :)

    #17 - Never knew but think it's really great that you want to do something so substantial.

    #20 - I've always preferred non-fiction. Fiction makes me feel as though I'm wasting valuable time when I should be learning something instead. Unless it's a good vampire series (Anita Blake, Vamp Chron).

    #22 - and yet you end up impressing everyone else too :)

    #23 - You actually have a great sense of style and you always look so beautiful, even when you're in your sweats or yoga pants and tee.

    #26 - Living in the present is often so hard, I think because we are conditioned from so early on to always be striving for tomorrow, next week, next year. As for being truly happy - what I've learned so far is that I'm often far happier than I realize. I just have to allow myself to step back and really look at all the wonderful people and things I have in my life which usually leads me to realize that I have so much more than I ever used to even wish for. If you quit staring at the grass on the other side, it doesn't look greener because you aren't concentrating on it's color.

  2. How can i say this with sounding like a dork (LOL): the artistry of your header is mind blowing!!!!!

    I LOVE it!!!!!

    Thanks for stoping by my blog because if you had not i might not have found your blog.

    BTW thanks for the hair comment.


  3. I think you're interesting. :) But I'm a bit envious of your posture. :P

  4. Silverfaeries - That's because he's cool like me; you should most definitely get in the habit of doing daily yoga; YOU are awesomeness and I'm loving to get to you know a whole lot better; I truly believe with you being a Leo and me being a Sag, there's a reason we have so many things in common and we get along so well; I love you insight on #26, WOW.

    Lioness - I only wish the header was mine...I have no idea where I got it from so I can't give credit where credit is due...oops. But, yes, it is pretty mind blowing :) Hope to see plenty more blogging action from you!

    Kajira - haha which posture are you speaking of, dear?

  5. I love your casual look! And as long as you're impressing yourself, you're golden. Loved getting to know more about you!

  6. I also am a huge yogi. You definitly are not a plain jane, you look gorgeous =)

  7. Cute pics!

    I'm a new follower from the LOL Weekend Hop. Hope you can stop www.mamasmusingsblog.blogspot.com


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