No Mirrors For a Day

Does that sound impossible, or what?

Well, it's something I'm going to attempt tomorrow. It has to be on a weekend day since I need a mirror to put my face on for work during the week, and since I've already looked in the mirror numerous times today.

This idea came to me in the middle of this past week. I have a tendency to look at myself in a mirror repeatedly throughout the day; not in a narcissistic manner, but in a way where I nitpick any flaws I may see, or what I consider to be my "flaws". My biggest concern is the belly bulge that I feel has plagued my small frame and won't go away. So what I do is turn sideways and I examine it, feeling disgusted and wondering WHY it is there.

This is such an absurd thing to do, and to do it more than once a day? It can't be good for my well-being. I should be able to just accept me for me, just as we all should.

I think the main reason I do this is that I'm searching for "perfection". I see "perfection" in the magazines I read, forgetting that models prepare for photo shoots by spending at least a week beforehand eating clean and exercising for hours. This isn't something most people maintain regularly. It's nearly impossible, if not exhausting.

I think I also do this kind of comparison when watching movies that I love. I get wrapped up in the story line, wishing my life could be anything close to what I'm watching, also forgetting that movies and TV shows don't show the actual journey of life. They show the problems, the climax, and the solution, which seems all too perfect most of the time.

So, my challenge for tomorrow is to avoid nitpicking my appearance when I pass a mirror. I have a mirror as a wall in my living room, so it won't be possible to bypass, but the idea is not to completely avoid the mirror. I can glance in the mirror for a second, but I can NOT stare at myself, which I've turned into a habit.

Even my boyfriend has called me out on this awful habit of mine. I don't even say anything out loud like, "Ew, look at yourself." But he just knows what I'm thinking. He thinks it's ridiculous, and he's right. It really does me no good, but it does set me up to obsess and to stress.

Maybe I can do a follow-up challenge where any time I look in a mirror, I pick out something I love about my body (or my face) and I say so out loud and I truly believe it.

Join in if you would like to. Happy day loves!


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