15 Day Challenge-Day 10: Famous

Ju-nichi (Day 10)
Give a picture of 5 of your favorite famous people and explain why you like them.

All of the people involved in organizations like these:
Movement to re-abolish slavery
TOMS rocks
Fight to end hunger
or just activists in general because giving our time and energy to people in need should be a top priority in our lives. I really admire the movers and shakers of activism. 


I read his autobiography and felt really inspired by his life journey.


I love his chill, beachy music && his fun lyrics.
Listening to him always makes me smile :)

Jessie J
The video that won me over:

Just look at her...
Her voice, her smile, her style, her performances...she just rocks!
She's my singing idol :)

Blake Lively
From what I see, she's the whole package: She's beautiful (that hair, that smile, those legs!), fashionable, kind, talented, humorous, down-to-earth, and cool.


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