15 Day Challenge-Day 13: You're just a kid.

Jusan-nichi (Day 13)
If you could go back and tell your 15-year-old self something, what would you say?

Listen up chica: Stop trying to grow up so fast && stop being so dang boy crazy && stop being so involved with trying to look pretty.

Go to school. Make friends. Do your homework. Get involved in extra-curriculars. And just enjoy the present moment; know that whatever the future has in store for you, it will be good and you will be happy.


  1. I think maybe most people would say those things to their 15 year old self...especially the part about not being so quick to grow up. I tell Chaser all the time that once he reaches the point of being "grown-up", with bills and responsibility beyond having to turn in homework, once he realizes he can't "go back" and do things over again......he'll wish he hadn't been in such a hurry. He's pretty sure I'm wrong.


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