15 Day Challenge-Day 15: Here's to the highs!

Jugo-nichi (Day 15)
What were your highs and lows of this past month?

-i engaged in many days of binge eating; binge eating = my escape from reality.
-i had more lazy days than productive days.
-i let go of my healthy ways.
-i stopped singing and performing.
-i stopped practicing yoga.

-i'm learning how to cope with the stresses of life instead of running to food for a release. 
-my mindset has been getting progressively better: more up days than down.
-i started writing on this blog more consistently.
-got to let loose with one of my fave girlfriends.
-my ninja and i celebrated our 1 year anniversary.
-i taught my first yoga class.
-money woes haven't phased me.
-all of my lows are beginning to see the back burner at a rapid pace :)

You can't have highs without the lows. Although I'd rather not have any lows ever, and I'd rather not showcase them on my blog, they are an essential part of life. Without the bad there wouldn't be any good, at least there wouldn't be a way to tell if something was good. Here's to the lows and here's to the highs! 


  1. Consistent blogging = AWESOME! More "up" days than "down" rocks, too! It appears as if things are consistently getting better and better for you. I love reading about it. <3

  2. True, you can't have one without the other :)


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