15 Day Challenge-Day 9: Shonyukio

Ku-nichi (Day 9)
Describe someone who fascinates you.

Shon is a fascinating specimen.
For one, he's a man.
Two, he's super talented.
Three, he loves me.
That is fascinating.

What is the definition of fascinating anyway?
well, it's an adjective
&& it means:
of great interest or attraction; enchanting; charming; captivating

Well that describes Shon to a T.
I did forget to mention that his music fascinates me, as does his ability to create such music. It's absolutely enchanting and captivating.
He is of great interest to me and certainly very charming.

Can't you tell that I am enamored with him?


  1. is this amazing hair color photoshopped or what? :D listening to his music right now. :) I'm not a romantic person and don't usually say such things but you two really seem like one for another. :)

  2. Oh most definitely an enhanced version of the original :)

    I hope you're enjoying the music and thanks for the sweet comment!

  3. btw, the shovel is my favorite. are you singing it together?

  4. We are :) it's definitley a rough draft since we need more instrumentals and another verse. As soon as it's finished I'll let you know.


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