15 Day Challenge-Day 7: Dear Mom

Shichi-nichi (Day 7)
Describe your relationship with your parents/siblings.

Dear Mom,

               You are my best friend. We've been through some rough times, but it has only made our bond stronger. Without the hardships we have faced, we wouldn't be the wonderful women we are today. I can count on you at any moment; no matter where you are, or what you are doing, you'll answer my call. If it's 3 AM and I'm roaming the streets of downtown Nashville (even it takes me getting your voice mail a hundred times), you'll be there to hear me cry. You'll be there to hear me laugh. You'll be there to guide me and to lift my spirits. 

I love you mom. 

P.S. You gave me my little sisters, which makes you that much more of a wonderful mother :)

Most recent photo of all four of us together


  1. I just saw your email address and invited you to Pinterest! Hope you like it!


    PS: That is the cutest photo of you guys!

  2. I tried to post a comment the other day and had this long reply and now I can't remember what I had said...You make me proud Jessica to be your mother. You have grown up to be a wonderful loving daughter and young lady. You made me cry with this one. I miss and love you sooooo very much. You are my best friend too baby girl. Love your page!!!!


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