A lot of fun stuff has happened in the past couple of weeks that I'd like to share here with you, but I haven't been able to find the time to, nor have I been able to pull my thoughts together to write a cohesive post about it. I'm shooting for this weekend. In the mean time here are some random photos from this week:

Healthy Habits :)

An evening with Shonuff's co-workers.
Start of a fun day at an Italian restaurant in Encinitas, CA
Same day. Train ride to Little Italy.
Can you believe this was only my second time riding on
a train??
Little Italy!
Wine & gelato; my fave!
Getting ready to "play" tennis.
Shon probably hates "playing" tennis with me haha!
After dropping Shon off at work, I got to witness this majestic sky.
Monday Night Football with some yummy dark brew.
(And an Arrogant Bastard sign in the backdrop.)

Gas Lamp District in downtown San Diego.
Shon performed at The Stage.
Aren't these buildings beautiful?
tried to photograph my attempt at a fishtail braid
to no avail.
However, I do like the photo.
First time (EVER!) getting a cupcake from Sprinkles. This one had pieces
of almond in it...yum! I plan on going there every Wednesday for the
pumpkin flavor, every Thursday for the chai latte flavor, AND every Sunday
for my absolute favorite flavor of anything in the world: LEMON.
This day that I went, we just so happened to pass by as they just
gave away their secret code for a free cupcake on FB. Hehe.
Can you see the body of water over yonder? Well, that my friends is MY
view from MY bed. Awesomeness. And in that exact spot, every night
around 10 o'clock, I get to see a fireworks show :)
My sexy boyfriend (tonight at the Green Flash Brewery
in Mira Mesa).
Shon's drink = gone.
Mine = super strong and not yet finished!

That's all for now.

Hope you've had a wonderful week & a happy Friday.
Here's to the weekend!


  1. fun photos! i envy you your view (I don't really like mountains). can we switch? :P

  2. It is always so hard to photograph your own hairstyles! haha I have the same problem.

    a cup of subtle tea

  3. <3 the new layout/heading/title! I also really <3 these week in pictures posts you've been doing lately. You have a great eye for photography too :)

  4. oh, I love mountains! I love all sorts of scenery. But I am very lucky to have the mountains east of me and the ocean west of me. It is quite an amazing thing :)

  5. and thanks auntie. I was a bit doubtful of the heading (still am), but until I get the hang of designing this blog, it'll have to do.

    I've thought about studying photography since I really do enjoy taking photos. Oh boy, the amount of things I wanna do in life! :)


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