15 Day Challenge-Day 12: Mi Dia

Juni-nichi (Day 12)
Bullet your whole day.

  • Awoke around 5AM.
  • Cooked scrambled eggs and spinach (with a dollop of hummus && side of grapes) for Shonuff and I.
  • Drove Shonuff to work (as we share a car) and proceeded to the yoga studio.
  • Took the 7AM vinyasa flow class with Todd (he's such a rad guy!) I'd like to point out that lately I have been really hesitant to practice at the studio; there's no reason behind this hesitation, but let me tell you, going today was a wonderful idea. That class set my whole day up to be a really good day :)
  • Got my fitness on using a workout from Bodyrock. It kicked my booty and my legs feel good now! :)
  • Arrived to work an hour early to just relax and eat lunch.

Splendid lunch, indeed.
  • Had a blast, as usual, with the Opera girlies...aren't we cute? Haha. Picked Shonuff up from work. 
Me, Jennifer, Vanessa, & Kristiana

  • Played in traffic for a bit-I find traffic to be meditative :) or the perfect time to talk Shon's ears off!
  • Went to VONs for some mixed greens for dinner && burger patties 'n hot dogs for a BBQ tomorrow.
  • Blogging while Shonuff cooks dinner and The Simpson's plays in the background (I told you before, I know that it's classy that I like to watch this kind of stuff).
  • Chocolate chip cookie and vanilla almond milk time = Good times.
  • Date with Shonuff in bed @ 8:30 ;)

Kind of an uneventful, but really good, day.


  1. Sounds like a really awesome day to me. Sometimes, the best ones are the ones that don't have some big event happen, but the ones that help you see that the day-to-day stuff can actually be really centering, calming and enjoyable. Those, to me, are the special ones :)

  2. great day. :) but waking up at 5AM - that's crazy! :D I can also have a meditative time whenever I like ... I especially enjoy it when other people are losing ther nerves (like slow traffic). that's what Ozora festival has changed about me. ^^

  3. Seems like you had a long day. :)

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